Master Bath Reveal!

Master Bath Reveal!

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At the bottom of the post, I have listed all of the products in our Master Bath Reveal.

If you would like to see the progress of this project here are the links to the other posts.

Here is the fruit of our blood, sweat and tears... well tears of joy. We LOVE our new bathroom sooo much!! Can you believe that it started like this?

Master Bath Demo

This bathroom deserves a complete before and after post, so you can truly see the transformation!

Let's just look at this beauty now!

Master Bath Vanity

That door leads to our bedroom, I love the craftsman molding. It's amazing how everything fit perfectly! Mike and I look at each other and say, 'We are not that good... This was all God!'

We decided to use the same vanity that we put in our Guest Bathroom Makeover. We love the the style and functionality of it.

I really wanted the hanging pendants instead of lights on the wall. Yes, it was more work for Hubby... but don't they look great?! We also installed ceiling pot lights, so there is plenty of light.

Master Bath Hooks and Mirror

That wall was the perfect place for a full length mirror. We also added a few extra hooks behind the door. You can never have too many hooks!

That shower!

Master Bath Shower

We absolutely LOVE this shower! It's the perfect size. We've both said that we love that shower so much we would do it again in a heartbeat. The rain shower head is amazing. I wasn't too sure about it, but its wonderful!

Master Bath Shower Head

Master Bath Shower Controls

One of the best decisions we made, was putting the shower controls on the opposite wall. I love that I don't have to reach wwaaayyy in there to turn the shower on. Yes, Hubby had to run more pipe, but it was totally worth the few extra dollars.

Master Bath Shower Doors

Having clear shower doors are a bit more work. We have to squeegee them after every shower. We just couldn't cover up that beautiful tile with frosted doors. It's too beautiful and totally worth the work. Now that we have the hang of it, it only takes an extra minute or two.

Master Bath Shower View

Do you see the light/fan in the shower? Love this fan! It's so cool! The light is dimmable, it has a nightlight function and a bluetooth speaker! Hubby loves to crank it up!

Let's check out the water closet (aka the 'toilet room').

Love the pocket door!

Master Bath Pocket Door Closed

Master Bath Pocket Door Opened

This is the same pocket door that was used in the original bathroom. We love that we were able to reuse it!

The water closet is pretty basic in here. I'm so glad we added a cabinet for storage.

Master Bathroom Water Closet

Master Bath Water Closet Storage and Shelf

I was going to top that shelf with a stained piece of wood, but hubby really wanted to add marble there. I think it was a good call! Just need to get with the decor, but that's just going to have to wait. We have more building to do!

On the opposite wall, I added hooks for our towels. As you can see we ended up keeping the back door to the patio. Bottom line, ROI (Return On Investment). Would the time and $$ involved to close up that door be worth it? We didn't think so, plus we really like the idea that we have bathroom access from the outside.

Master Bath Towel Hooks

Again, I really really love the craftsman style molding we used around the doors and baseboards.

Now, let me show you my makeup vanity and storage. This still needs a bit more work, but I love having a space for all my 'stuff'. 😍

Master Bath Makeup Vanity and Storage

I was going to put in a cheaper countertop... maybe wood or laminate, but hubby thought it would look so much nicer with the marble here too. He was soooo right! And it really wasn't that expensive, considering how much we saved creating this bathroom ourselves!

Master Bath Makeup Vanity and Storage full view

The lower bottom right cabinet will eventually have a pull out for all my hair tools. There is an outlet in that back of the cabinet. I can't wait to build that! I also need a better functioning stool. 

Here's the list of items we purchased for our master bathroom makeover. If you have any questions regarding our remodel or the products we purchased, please feel free to email me at

60" marble Merryfield vanity
Oval vanity mirrors
Black faucets
Deck plates
Sink Drains
Pendant vanity lights

Edison Bulbs (60w)
Shower doors
Shower tile
Shower pan
Shower rainhead
Shower fan/light/bluetooth
Towel hooks
Toilet paper phone holder
Storage cabinets
Black cabinet handles
Full length mirror
Bathroom rug
Google Home wall mount hangar
Night light outlet

Thin recessed ceiling lights



  1. Beautiful!!! I never thought about putting the shower knobs on another wall. I have to do the hokey pokey…put my left shoulder OUT before the water comes in! And I don’t know about anyone else but if I’m in your yard and nature calls suddenly, I’ll be happy you didn’t remove the outside door.

    1. Thank you, Bliss! Hahahah! That's exactly what I didn't want to do! It really is nice just to slide the door open and turn it on. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Wow!!! You guys did an AMAZING job! It's simply beautiful!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Marty! Thanks! Still can't believe its ours and we did it!

  4. Oh Lori this master bath is breathtaking! Can't wait to see what's next. Love you both!

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks! We can't either! It's been so much fun!

  5. Oh my, you two did an amazing job! Love LOVE your pretty bath!

    1. Thanks so much, Cristina! We are so happy to be done with the bathrooms!!


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