Guest Bathroom Remodel Before & After

Guest Bathroom Before

This is the pink 1960's beauty we started with. 😆

And this is our new remodeled 2021 guest bathroom!!

2021 Guest Bathroom Remodel

Can you say, GORGEOUS?!?!😍😍😍 I still can't believe how well this bathroom turned out!

Our first vision was the mood board. I wrote a whole post on it, Guest Bath Plans & Mood Board.

Then we demoed the entire thing! You can check that out here at, Demo Days At The Brick House.

Next, we framed in the new guest bath, Framing The Guest Bathroom.

Finally, we started making some progress! Guest Bathroom Progress!

And here we are finished! Well, all but the decorating. I don't have time for all the pretty little things, not that I don't love looking at our beautiful bathroom! We have another bathroom to remodel, so decorating will take place later...

Let's take a look at some before and afters!

If you want all the details of what we chose and why for our new bath, check out this post, Guest Bathroom Remodel Details.


shower/wall before


2021 Tub/shower Remodel


Hallway before

It's hard to believe that a tub/shower and toilet is sitting right where that hallway was!


Bathroom remodel progress


2021 Guest Bath Tub/toilet


Before Guest bath door

I love how the door trim turned out! I will be adding paneling to the door eventually....


2021 Guest Bath Door Trim


Guest bath before hall view


2021 Guest Bath Remodel Hall View

I love this view.  I can see this from the kitchen and I just ADORE it!!

Guest Bath Vanity Wall Before

At first, I thought that these mirrors might be a bit large for the space... nah...


2021 Guest Bath Remodel Mirrors

I am thrilled with this bathroom. Hubby and I still can't believe that we built this from nothing!! Thank you, Lord, for all of the strength and endurance You gave us to start and finish this bathroom!

Since the completion of this beautiful bathroom, I've since added Easy Wall To Wall Floating Shelves and a customized DIY Shelf Unit to help with storage.



  1. Apparently you’re the sister I didn’t know I had, cuz that’s the bathroom of my youth. The after is beautiful, I’m telling mom!

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