August 29, 2012

DIY Pillow Covers with Rosettes & Piping

I am soooo loving these pillows!!
These are the fabrics I chose.
I can't wait to show you how great they came out!
Keep on scrolling...

August 27, 2012

DIY Cheap Easy Pillow Forms

Well, guess what?!
 I’m actually making the cute lil 'ol pillows for my office bench!
In the process, I realized I needed some pillow forms.  
So, I just made my own.
Didn’t they come out cute?

August 22, 2012

Stenciling The Back of My Hutch

I thought this would be a quick project. HA!  I’ve been “pouncing” for DAYS!!!
Pouncing is a word, by the way…
My right bicep and forearm are definitely more defined!
The art of pouncing is quite interesting. 
You need to have a lot of bounce in your pounce.
This was way more work that I thought.
Maybe a bigger stencil next time. Yep, definitely.
BUT!!!! I LOVE the way it came out.  It brightens up the whole hutch and office!
This first pic I had to rummage around for, because apparently I forgot to take a before picture. 
This was also before we moved things around.

August 20, 2012

How to Make Cleaning Easy!

It’s time to start cleaning up here at the Stonybrook House!
Now that the kiddos are back to college, there will be less messes to clean, right?
Less messes means a cleaner house, a cleaner house 
means I can focus on getting more projects done! Yay!
Am I boo hooing because my house is empty?
No not really.  I love the time I have with my kids, but I also love the time I have with hubby 
and just being by myself.
It’s probably because when my kids are here, I focus on them.  
They know I’m nosy and I'm in their business quite a bit… Oh well.  I’m the mom, right?!  
Isn’t that my job??  I thought so…. 
I’m sure I won’t have much time to miss them.  
They seem to come home often and use the laundry room :)

August 10, 2012

National S'mores Day {S'Mores Cookies}

I just realized that today is
National S'mores Day!
Well, if I had clued in earlier this would have been out this morning...
Oh well!
My daughter and I just made these the other day 
and I've been meaning to get this out.
While my daughter was in the Bahamas, my son found this devilishly sinful recipe for s'more cookies.  My daughter said that she would make some when she came back!
When she looked at that recipe you had to sandwich
 a s'more with cookie dough.
Well, we tried it, but it was way too hard to do.
The cookie dough was sticky and made a mess.
Hubby was sitting there and started discussing options.
This is what we came up with (mostly hubby's idea).  This was much, much easier and very, very good!!!

August 8, 2012

Summer Lovin….

I am really enjoying my summer days now!
I feel like I’m finally getting some things done.
It has given me a great sense of accomplishment. Yay!
So, I’m sure some of you all saw my Blogger Dance Party… Ugh!
I still can’t believe that I did that…. I just need to get over myself!
Life is short, have some fun, Lori!  
I love this saying…

like no one is watching
like you’ll never get hurt
like no one is listening
like it’s heaven on earth
-William W. Purkey

We all could do that a little more, right?
Anyway, I have so much to show you.
I’ve been itching to do it all week!
First up….
My Salsa Garden
You can see how the adventure began here

In the beginning there was a tiny little tomato plant.

August 6, 2012

Blogger Dance Party!! Whoo Hoo!!

This is DEFINITELY one of the most embarrassing things I've actually done!!! But as they say the older you get the less you care... I'm not so sure... 
But you know what, oh well!
I may have a few moves, but there aren't too many left. 
I actually learned a couple of these moves at my brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago... 
My new sister-in-law knows how to get DOWN!!

And why do we make those awful faces???
Oh, Lord! 
This was my first video and may very well be my last.  Time will tell.

August 2, 2012

Sunburst Orange Ombre Pallet Sign {It Is Well}

Well, Hello there!
It’s been a week since my last post.  And I know I owe you an update on the progress of the nails. I’ll have that up for you later.
I’m just so excited to show you what I’ve been up to lately!
I have actually been working on our office.  Finally!
No, I mean really working on it.

Now, if you've been reading blogs or pinning on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen the surge of DIY projects with pallets.
I love it!  There are so many varieties.  
Pallet furniture, pallet flags, pallet subway signs, pallet art.
I think it's awesome to take what is trash and 
make something beautiful out of it! 

I was looking at our office the other day and trying to figure out how I wanted to do a “gallery wall”.  I was actually thinking about what to do with that wall, way back in a post I called "We are Moving". 
So, I've been on Pinterest a lot (You can check out my boards here.) looking at my office board. I've done searches on gallery walls and shelves… and I came across some pallet art. Hmmm… I was thinking I needed something large to balance out the wall. Bingo!  I have a pallet in the garage.  I am sooo doing this!

I just have to show you!!!
Sunburst Orange Ombre Pallet Sign {It Is Well}