DIY Pillow Covers with Rosettes & Piping

I am soooo loving these pillows!!
These are the fabrics I chose.
I can't wait to show you how great they came out!
Keep on scrolling...

This was my first fabric choice.
 I really loved the yellow, but it just wasn't completely working for me.
The yellow chevron was competing with my blue bench fabric.
So, after looking at it for awhile, I had to hit Jo Ann's for another look, and that's when I found that beautiful print!

Oh! I can't wait to show you...
Ok, here they are!
I love the way they came out!
My bench looks complete now.
 Here's a quick tutorial on the rosettes and flat piping.

The blue flower is a ruffled rose.
Start with about a 1-2inch strip.
Fold it over lengthwise in half and run through
sewing machine on the largest stitch to gather it.
Then, you are going to have to hand sew the rose.
The first edge you need to gather. 
Like making it into a point. 
Thread needle through, like so.
Then go through it again to tighten and complete the stitch.
You are going to kind of roll the rose.
See how gathering the end made the center of the rose look pulled in?
Then sew the bottom as you go around.
This is the bottom and you just keep securing as you roll the rose.
I found I liked the look of it more gathered.

The yellow rosette is more messy looking with unraveled edges.

I cut a 1 inch strip and ran it through my fingers to rough up the edges.
Then, thread your needle through the end like you did on the ruffled rose.
With this rosette, you need to twist the strip and go around in a circle loosely and flat.  Then sew at intervals to secure the rosette.
Here is the front.  It doesn't need to be perfect.  
The bottom is a complete jumble.
The top not so much.
It is sort of a messy look.
Just keep going round and round and you'll end up with this.
In my post for the Dry Erase Frame, I put rosettes on that. 
You can check that out also.
The only thing I did different, was use a glue gun. 

The pink one is very similar, but I used a wider strip around 2 inches and I didn't rough up the edges. 
Also, I rolled it a bit tighter.  
Go ahead and experiment, you will see the different looks you can get.

I attempted a Butterfly welted corner...
I wasn't very please with them. 
Oh, well, I'll try again next time.

Here you can see the mess of sewing on the rosettes.
Then just simply sew the entire way around leaving one side open, to insert the pillow form.
Then I did the other pillow.
Gosh... This is a long post.... All most done!

LOVE this fabric!!
I tried a different flat welting technique.  I didn't include the corners.  
Can you see how the corners meet?

After you trim the corners and inside out the cover, 
this is how the corners looked. 
I like them a lot better!

Last thing I needed to do was sew up the opening.  
I could have put in a zipper, but these pillows aren't going to be "used".  
They are just for decoration.
Here you can check you the DIY Pillow Forms I did.
Here's another look... sooo cute!
Next time I want to share with you a little something I learned at Haven about mixing patterns and the formula for doing that.  I feel so much more confident about pulling different fabrics together.
So, what do you think??


  1. Amazing...the pillows are great!

    1. Tamishia! Thank you so much!! I just wish I could email you back!! No address... :(

  2. Beautiful job, Lori! The colors really bring some pop to your bench. I love your rosettes too! Megan

    1. Thanks, Megan! It's nice to sit at my desk and enjoy what I see around me. :)

  3. Gorgeous designer! pillows. I especially like the print you chose. You've got me thinking and looking around my house. :)

    1. Isn't that print so cute?! When I got it at JoAnns, 2 of the sales clerks said they were in love with that print! Thanks, Susan, for stopping by and for your encouragement.

  4. Hi glad I found you. I love the pillows and rosettes! You're definitely an inspiration. I'm going to buy a sewing machine and I will get started!

    1. Hi Virginia!
      Thank you so much! I forget how much I really like to sew. Before kiddos (almost 22 years ago) I used to sew a lot more! I need to do more now!

  5. I LOVE how the welting does not include the corners! So different but cute!

    Great work! Enjoy your pillows!
    hugs ~ Crystelle

    1. Thanks, so much Crystelle! I really liked the corners too! I appreciate you stopping by and reading!!

  6. oh how pretty!! i like pretty pillows :)

    dropping by from diy by design!come visit me back at


    1. Hi, Rea! Thank you so much!! I just dropped by your site! Cute! You just gave me an idea!!

  7. The pillows are so pretty. I will be featuring this tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.


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