Summer Lovin….

I am really enjoying my summer days now!
I feel like I’m finally getting some things done.
It has given me a great sense of accomplishment. Yay!
So, I’m sure some of you all saw my Blogger Dance Party… Ugh!
I still can’t believe that I did that…. I just need to get over myself!
Life is short, have some fun, Lori!  
I love this saying…

like no one is watching
like you’ll never get hurt
like no one is listening
like it’s heaven on earth
-William W. Purkey

We all could do that a little more, right?
Anyway, I have so much to show you.
I’ve been itching to do it all week!
First up….
My Salsa Garden
You can see how the adventure began here

In the beginning there was a tiny little tomato plant.

Then he was watered and baked with sunshine and he grew…

and grew…

and GREW!!!!

I’m not even sure what to do with them now! We’ve had some wicked storms, one that shredded my gazebo you can see that on my Facebook Page.
Well, I tried to stake that baby, but it’s pulled those out and is now spreading it's wings all over the place.
What’s weird, is I haven’t really even got any tomatoes! 
Kinda bummed about that.
The Roma tomato plant is growing just as huge and a few tomatoes, but lots of bottom rot.  Anyone know what causes that??
Well, hubby is going to help me stake them again, so we’ll see.
The jalapenos are doing well.
The cilantro flowered and died… :(
And you remember about the zuchinni plant? 
If not, you can read about it's demise, here.

Last week, I shared with you my horrible nails.
Well, here’s a pic of them 10 days later.  

I’ll admit I haven’t been 100% faithful at using the miracle stuff, but they look a teeny bit better, right? 

I’m kidding myself.  I don’t think they do.  I guess it doesn’t help that I spent Friday night and Saturday weeding and doing grunt work while our church put a roof on for one of our church members. 
I’m a bit rough on my nails…. oh well… 
I’ll keep working on it.

Then the last thing to show you!
I’m so happy about this, because to me this is TRUE progress!
Check out my office wall!

I’m definitely not done, and I’m really not that good at styling shelves, but things are happening! YES!
You can check out the tutorial for my pallet art, here.

I love my daughter’s painting that she did for me for Mother’s Day.

And she also painted that gorgeous angelfish for hubby for Father’s Day.

She is blessed with such a lovely and creative gift.
Next on the list is to stencil the back of the hutch. 
I already have the backing off.
Then work on pillows for the bench, curtains (kinda rework, maybe paint them), more things on the walls, a new rug and it will be finished, at least most of it.  I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it here and there.
Then I can start on another room! 
Only about 10 more to go… 
I know, I’m exaggerating…

But can you see progress??
Do you have any ideas for my shelves?


  1. Wow! Your daughter is an amazing artist. I thought the flower was a picture at first! I even had my husband look at it, it's wonderful!

    1. Thanks, so much!! I love the stuff she does! She's just starting her sophomore year in college, God has truly given her a gift. Thanks for stopping by!


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