February 29, 2012

Spring is in the air!! {Pizza Tray to Spring Tray}

I don’t know about you, but I am sooo ready for spring!  
It just feels like it should be here.  I know, officially, we have 21 more days, 
but the weather has been so wishy washy.  It’s like it can’t make up its mind. 
One day, cold and breezy
then the next day the sun is shining and it’s near 60 degrees!
 I honestly saw daffodils blooming in someone’s yard today!!  No fair!

Well, I’ve got spring fever….
I know I’m supposed to be working on the office and I am, truly! 
My mind is thinking up all kinds of wonderful things!!  That’s working on it, right?? 
I have proof!  Here are some phone pics of some fabric I’m considering for the office
(They aren't the greatest pics)… 
Oh, I should mention they are for curtains....
Do you have any opinions??

I have my favorites. 
But first, I just have to do some springy kind of crafts.

February 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary! 24 Blissful Years!

24 Blissful years?? 
Well, maybe not all of them….and maybe blissful is over exaggerating…..

But they have been the BEST 24 years of My life!

This anniversary is very special to me. 
This year has been speckled with difficulties that were beyond our control and
we weathered through them…… together.

We are stronger and closer than ever before.
Our faith, our commitment, and our love has brought us to this place,
where I can look back on this year with a smile.

A warm smile that fills my heart with love, admiration and peace…

God is so good and faithful.

Now, next year, will be the 25th anniversary
and I suspect I will not be here, sitting in our office writing a post….
I am hoping to be somewhere the sky's is blue, the sun is shining and I feel the soft sand under my feet…

Next year, I believe I will be saying the very same thing that,
God is good and these have been the BEST 25 years of MY life!
Thank you, honey, for believing in me, for supporting me and for loving me!
Lori ~

February 25, 2012

I’m A Pinner, You’re a Pinner, Wouldn’t Ya Like To Be A Pinner Too??

Be a Pinner…. Be a Pinner…
Ha Ha!! Come on, you’ve got to remember that commercial!!!
What am I talking about?? Really?  PINTEREST!!  Come on it’s all the RAGE!! Or is it RAVE?  Hmmm… Oh Well, it’s AMAZING!  You must know how much I love it by all of the capital letters and exclamation points you are seeing in the first paragraph!

If you’ve never heard of it or have heard bits and pieces but didn’t really get the big deal of it…. Let me tell you, you must check this out!  Although, I’d better give a disclaimer right now!  Don’t start pinning until you’ve checked with your doctor, it has addictive qualities that many cannot overcome!  You may also find yourself unaware of the HOURS that have passed while your eyes are glued to the screen of beautiful lovelies that you must pin to your own boards!

When I joined Pinterest, you had to be “invited” to this exclusive little club.  To be honest with you, I’m not sure if you need to be invited anymore or if you can just sign up.  YET…. If you send me your email address, I WILL invite you to the wonderful world of Pinning!!!  It’s really simple after that!

Then, once you are signed up you can follow all kinds of wonderful creative people with FANTABULOUS ideas on EVERYTHING!  There are cooking recipes, decorating, fashion, jewelry, photography you name it it’s probably there!  For me this has replaced most of the binders and folders of things that I have stuffed with pages ripped out of magazines to save and peruse.  Not that I still don’t go through magazines and put post-its all through them….  But this is sooo much quicker and more organized.  I’ve even gone to some of the magazine websites and pinned those ideas to my boards.  I like it all in one place.

If you look at my blog, in the side bar you will see a picture of this…

After you sign up for Pinterest, then you can follow ME and whenever you see that Pinterest "P" on someone else’s blog, you love to read, you can follow them! 
  It’s sooo cool!

Here’s a screen shot of some of my Pinterest Boards….

You can make as many boards as you like, I probably need to go through some of my boards and organize them better.  

Another wonderful tool that you may want to add is a “Pin It” button to your bookmarks bar on whatever search engine you use.  Here is a screen shot of my search engine bookmark bar. 
It looks like this…

Once you are logged into Pinterest you can add it VERY easily!  In the upper right corner of your Pinterest web page here is another arrow showing you where to click.

Click on the “about” and look for the “Pin It Button”.  Click that and it will take you to a page that has all sorts of goodies for Pinterest.  
 The first thing you see will be about adding a “Pin It” button to your toolbar.  

 It’s sooo easy and wonderful.  
 All you have to do is click and drag that button onto your bookmarks bar.  Done!! 

So, now you ask, what do I do with that “Pin It” button???  This is the super cool part!   
Say you go the HGTV website….  

And you want to look at dream decks and patio and you found one you are in love with…. 
While you are on that web page, click your “Pin It” button on your toolbar and a new screen will come up.  It will look like this….

Hover over what picture you want, and a “pin it” button will appear!  

Click and Pin it to whatever board you want!!  Isn’t that AMAZING???  Love it!  

Now, don’t blame me if the dishes pile up, along with the laundry, and the dust bunnies seem to be multiplying a bit quicker than normal…..  I know the feeling…. 
In fact, I’ve GOT to go clean the bathroom!!   
It’s just so hard to tear myself away from PINTEREST!!

Seriously, I’ve got to manage this better! Happy Pinning!! 

February 23, 2012

Mail Organizer!! DIY On The Cheap!!

OMG!  This was too much fun!!  I stayed up late last night finishing this!

I already love how organized it makes me feel!  

  Remember these??

  They turned into this!!

February 21, 2012

Can I Share A Little Secret With You?


I did one of the most frightening and scary things I’ve EVER done! 

At the same time one of the most EXCITING things I’ve done!!  I signed up for the HAVEN Conference in June!  I really did!  I have proof!


Now, there I go again with my mouth hanging wide open!  What is this? 

It must be enthusiasm!!


My stomach was in knots as I clicked “Purchase Ticket”.  I’ve NEVER done anything like this in my life!  I’ve never been to a conference like this.  I’ve never stayed in Atlanta, Georgia.  I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room by myself….weird, now that I think about it.  Yes!!  I can do this!  I’m excited to do this!!

I’m going to a conference with a bunch of wonderful ladies that have been blogging way longer than I have!  I’ve actually checked out a lot of their blogs. I  feel so out of my league!  I won’t really know ANYONE!  These women have beautiful established blogs that are sooo creative!  I’ve followed many of them for months, and I’ll actually get to meet some of them!  Very cool!!

At the same time, I’m so excited about what I’m doing right now that I don’t really care that I’m going there all on my own.  I want to learn and grow and make this blog the best it can be!

I’m crazy excited!!! Have I said that enough?  It’s only 4 months away! I’ll try not to drone on and on about this for the next 1,2,3,4 months!  I’ll only squeal about it every now and then…. deal?


February 20, 2012

Damask Stencil ~ Awesomeness!!

Wow!  That took longer than I thought!! 
Well, I guess it didn’t help that my son and his girlfriend came home for the weekend.  
Don’t get me wrong….  
 I absolutely LOVE IT!! when they comes home!  
 I make a point to be available to spend time with them as MUCH as possible.  
 So… everything bloggy gets put on hold!  Family ALWAYS comes first!!
 It was really nice to see them.  They actually came home for a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend’s mother.  So, sweet!   
They are the cutest couple!  Anyhoooo…..  Let’s dive in!

About a week or so ago, I got the paints out for this project!  
 I found them in the basement when I did the

 Ok, I know my mouth is hanging open a bit TOO wide!  
Can't you feel my excitement??

Look at them…. They are soooo old!!!   
Oh well, a stirring with the magic paint stick and good as new….
well, probably not that good.  
 Good enough for me!

So, here is the lovely 3 drawer thingy.  I’ve had it FOREVER!!  I got it at IKEA.   
One of my many favorite places to shop!  
 It really wasn’t even being used.  
 Kinda just taking up space in the basement…

February 18, 2012

Where Do I Start? {Beginning Our Office Makeover}

There are soooo many things I want to share, I’m just not sure where to start?
Should I blog about this or that?  What projects should I start in my home?
I have to say that I’m really good at starting projects. I'll get this spectacular idea and I’m off running!  Then what happens, is I get another fabulous idea about something else in a totally different room, so I run over there…. And so on and so on…. I’m having a flashback to a shampoo commercial…  Are you getting the picture?  It’s probably me running around the house completely out of control.  Well, I hope it’s not that bad, you’d have to ask hubby…  Let’s not. 

Sooooo……. I’m not going by my “feelings” this time. 
 I’m going to start this one logically…  
 It shall be.... The Office to finish!   

Then I started thinking… you know my “behind” is going to be sitting in this room a lot more now, it should be organized, pretty, homey, inspirational and all the other lovely adjectives I want to incorporate in every space of my home!

So, here is the office!  This is before I painted it…

Here it is painted.  I believe I painted it on Thanksgiving break.
 You can barely see the color change.  Plus the picture is TERRIBLY blurry!!
Now this is a better pic of the color!

The color is Behr Water Mark 470E-2.  I absolutely LOVE the color!  It’s so refreshing.  Especially since all the furniture is black.  The pops of color are going to be orange, green and aqua.  Here are some inspirations that I have pinned on Pinterest!  Did I tell you how much I LOVE PINTEREST???  Oh, I believe I have…  It’s so addicting! 





{Source unavailable}


Friday, I had off and I tweeted about shopping and hitting some thrift stores.  Well, you all must know that thrift stores are a hit or miss.  One was a miss and the other, well, a half hit.  I didn’t pick up anything for the office. Yet, I hit a Michael’s and here is a pic of the goodies…

 The random coffee mug? A little tidbit about me.... I have a thing for coffee mugs, probably because I love coffee.

 The day before I dropped in to TJMaxx and picked up a couple of things.  They are in the mix too.  If you notice, I’m having an obsession with birds and owls.  In the last 6 months, I’ve found so many lost birds out there that I’ve had to bring them home. 
What's not to love?  How could I say no to that sweet precious face?

 There was one more stop yesterday to pick up these.

Now, I know what you’re asking yourself…. Really?  Boxes? Just wait and see.  I’ve got an idea!  I’ll let you know how it goes, and it’s for the OFFICE!
Lori ~

February 15, 2012

Blogging Blunders

Seeing that I am VERY green at blogging (ok, we are not just talking your average green, I’m thinking more like neon LIME green!!).  It is inevitable that I am going to fumble and stumble along making some small mistakes and probably some MAJOR ones.
I have a wonderful friend that pointed out something in yesterday’s Valentine’s Day post…(You can see that here if you missed it.)  I have to laugh, because I was so excited in sharing it, that I forgot to explain the whole point of the Valentine’s Message board…… To share little love notes with hubby, of course!!  He loved the idea!! Super easy to write a little note with a dry erase marker, then just wipe off and add a new note.  So, there you go! 
This same wonderful friend was trying to post a comment and realized she couldn’t!  What? UGH! Are you kidding me? She wasn’t a member of any of the profiles offered. I couldn’t understand what the problem was.  So, what did I do? I googled it….  And realized I needed to change some of my settings.  That is now FIXED!
This whole blogging adventure has had its challenges. I honestly didn’t know a thing about how to put one together.  Do you realize I had to learn a bit of HTML?  I even had to research on how to get those little buttons that send you to Facebook, Twitter and such, on my blog.  Of course the important part was making sure they linked to the correct pages.
I’m learning more all the time.  I soooo appreciate your patience! Go ahead and leave me a comment!  At least then I’ll know if it even works! 
Lori ~

February 14, 2012

Dry Erase LOVE Frame{Happy Valentine's Day!!}

Isn’t that an original title?  
How about Happy Mushy Smoochy Day!!

I’m so excited to show you what I 
made for my hubby today!  
If you checked in yesterday, you can see the 
that I made to put today’s creation in.

Now I realize that I probably should have done this beautiful creation a couple of weeks ago to give you all time to make you’re your special person, but that’s how it rolls sometimes….  This would make a lovely anniversary gift or a wedding gift too!

I have to show you the finished product first! 
I heart it!!
This is what hubby came home to....

February 13, 2012

DIY Painted Chevron Tray{Not What I Had Planned....}

So, being new in Blog Land, I thought, I need to begin my first project!  On Sunday afternoon, I began a mini painting/organizing thingy…  That didn’t quite go as planned…  I’ll share more on that later in the week.

Since that flopped out as a project, I began to wonder what in the world should I start?  Oh, don’t worry I have about a gazillion project ideas.  (Remember, it’s basically a new builder basic house) 
Yet, I have 2, well, how about 3 major obstacles….    
  1. My thumb… You can read more about that here.  I’m still recovering from surgery and it doesn’t really want to cooperate much.
  2. We own some apartments and we are in the middle of renovating them, which demands a lot of my time.
  3. I have to work….  Well, part-time, I work as a cashier in the cafeteria at the local high school.

So, I feel that any big jobs are going to take a long time to complete.  But we’ll get there!!
I’m focusing on taking small bites. 

Here we are the day before Valentine’s Day!  I know! I should do a little something for hubby. Okay, I know it’s last minute, but that doesn’t matter.

I thought of something super cute (I’ll share that tomorrow!) But I needed something to display it on.  A tray!  This will be perfect!  Of course I don’t have any, so I went to the local AC Moore with my handy dandy 50% off coupon and picked one up for $3! Oh, I’m so excited to share this will you!

First I must apologize the lighting on these pics do NOT do it justice.  It's late... no good light...have to use the flash...but I must finish!!

I’m going to paint a chevron design on the tray, something like this….
Chevron Pattern

February 10, 2012

And The Adventure Begins!

Well, it’s official.  I am a blogger.  Tonight, I announced to all my friends that I have a blog and basically have begged them to follow me. I realized I only posted 1 whole entry in January.  That was more or less just a practice for me.  I wanted to see what it would look like.  To see what it would feel like to actually have a post out there in Blogland.  It also really didn’t count, because no one but me and hubby actually knew about it.

Hopefully that will all change now.  I have officially started a Facebook Page and a Twitter account.      We’ll see how it goes.  I’m excited and scared all in the same breath.  I don’t feel like I’m ready to “start” but then I kept asking myself “what am I waiting for”…. I’m the type of person that likes all her ducks in a row before she embarks on a project.  Well, this time, they aren’t lined up… not even close.  I have no IDEA what I’m doing.  I don’t even know how to tweet!! I’m watching YouTube videos on how to tweet.  I had no clue what a # mark was or what RT meant!  I have sooo much to learn. 

It’s taken over a month just to set up the blog and figure out half of what I’m doing there.  Not that I really even know.  It looks like it’s coming together.  I just keep telling myself it will be fine, just wait and see it will work out.  It may be a bumpy ride, but I know it’s all going to be worth it!  This is a creative outlet for me… A way to express myself. This is for me… me….  All for Me Me Me!!  Booohhaaaa….  Okay, I’m going overboard here. 

Maybe some of you will understand this.  I’m 46 years old, I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby for 23 (almost 24) years, I’ve raised 2 great kids (who are in college).  I finally feel like this is for me, I’ve put everyone else first for years, and now it’s my turn! Yay!  Part of me thinks “This is crazy” and part of me thinks “You were meant to do this”!  All I know is I’m going for it and whatever happens will happen.  I’m going to enjoy the journey!  Come along with me, it’s going to be quite a white knuckler!