Damask Stencil ~ Awesomeness!!

Wow!  That took longer than I thought!! 
Well, I guess it didn’t help that my son and his girlfriend came home for the weekend.  
Don’t get me wrong….  
 I absolutely LOVE IT!! when they comes home!  
 I make a point to be available to spend time with them as MUCH as possible.  
 So… everything bloggy gets put on hold!  Family ALWAYS comes first!!
 It was really nice to see them.  They actually came home for a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend’s mother.  So, sweet!   
They are the cutest couple!  Anyhoooo…..  Let’s dive in!

About a week or so ago, I got the paints out for this project!  
 I found them in the basement when I did the

 Ok, I know my mouth is hanging open a bit TOO wide!  
Can't you feel my excitement??

Look at them…. They are soooo old!!!   
Oh well, a stirring with the magic paint stick and good as new….
well, probably not that good.  
 Good enough for me!

So, here is the lovely 3 drawer thingy.  I’ve had it FOREVER!!  I got it at IKEA.   
One of my many favorite places to shop!  
 It really wasn’t even being used.  
 Kinda just taking up space in the basement…

First off, we sand, we prime, we sand again.  
 Easy enough, then we paint.  I believe I used the same paint from the Chevron Tray.  It’s like a grayish whiteish kinda color.  I like it.
I guess, I forgot to take a pic of that part...  I think you get the idea, right?

Now, comes the tedious, but FUN part.  I laid the damask image on the drawer fronts.  
 I got this image off of google "damask" images.  Easy, huh.  Then I went to the local grocery store where they have a copy machine and I just enlarged
 it to the size I wanted.

Ok, I taped it on, then with a ball point pen, I traced it.   You gotta press HARD!  
You want the lines to be marked into the wood.   
Like this…

It worked pretty good!

I bought this awesome tangelo orange at Hob Lob and set to work.  
 This is the thinnest little paintbrush I could find here at home.  

 I outlined the damask with the paint.
I thought... this doesn't look too bad the way it is.
It really was easy, just a bit time consuming.

Then WA LA!  Here it is after filling it in.

  Gorgeous, don’t you think?  

It’s in the office!  I put the printer on top of it.  
 It will house the printer paper and other odds and ends.

I’m soooo happy with the way it came out!   
This was waaayyy too much FUN!  I love this! 

I haven’t forgotten about the boxes… I’m working on it!  I did get some fantabulous fabric for it!  Coming soon…

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