I’m A Pinner, You’re a Pinner, Wouldn’t Ya Like To Be A Pinner Too??

Be a Pinner…. Be a Pinner…
Ha Ha!! Come on, you’ve got to remember that commercial!!!
What am I talking about?? Really?  PINTEREST!!  Come on it’s all the RAGE!! Or is it RAVE?  Hmmm… Oh Well, it’s AMAZING!  You must know how much I love it by all of the capital letters and exclamation points you are seeing in the first paragraph!

If you’ve never heard of it or have heard bits and pieces but didn’t really get the big deal of it…. Let me tell you, you must check this out!  Although, I’d better give a disclaimer right now!  Don’t start pinning until you’ve checked with your doctor, it has addictive qualities that many cannot overcome!  You may also find yourself unaware of the HOURS that have passed while your eyes are glued to the screen of beautiful lovelies that you must pin to your own boards!

When I joined Pinterest, you had to be “invited” to this exclusive little club.  To be honest with you, I’m not sure if you need to be invited anymore or if you can just sign up.  YET…. If you send me your email address, I WILL invite you to the wonderful world of Pinning!!!  It’s really simple after that!

Then, once you are signed up you can follow all kinds of wonderful creative people with FANTABULOUS ideas on EVERYTHING!  There are cooking recipes, decorating, fashion, jewelry, photography you name it it’s probably there!  For me this has replaced most of the binders and folders of things that I have stuffed with pages ripped out of magazines to save and peruse.  Not that I still don’t go through magazines and put post-its all through them….  But this is sooo much quicker and more organized.  I’ve even gone to some of the magazine websites and pinned those ideas to my boards.  I like it all in one place.

If you look at my blog, in the side bar you will see a picture of this…

After you sign up for Pinterest, then you can follow ME and whenever you see that Pinterest "P" on someone else’s blog, you love to read, you can follow them! 
  It’s sooo cool!

Here’s a screen shot of some of my Pinterest Boards….

You can make as many boards as you like, I probably need to go through some of my boards and organize them better.  

Another wonderful tool that you may want to add is a “Pin It” button to your bookmarks bar on whatever search engine you use.  Here is a screen shot of my search engine bookmark bar. 
It looks like this…

Once you are logged into Pinterest you can add it VERY easily!  In the upper right corner of your Pinterest web page here is another arrow showing you where to click.

Click on the “about” and look for the “Pin It Button”.  Click that and it will take you to a page that has all sorts of goodies for Pinterest.  
 The first thing you see will be about adding a “Pin It” button to your toolbar.  

 It’s sooo easy and wonderful.  
 All you have to do is click and drag that button onto your bookmarks bar.  Done!! 

So, now you ask, what do I do with that “Pin It” button???  This is the super cool part!   
Say you go the HGTV website….  

And you want to look at dream decks and patio and you found one you are in love with…. 
While you are on that web page, click your “Pin It” button on your toolbar and a new screen will come up.  It will look like this….

Hover over what picture you want, and a “pin it” button will appear!  

Click and Pin it to whatever board you want!!  Isn’t that AMAZING???  Love it!  

Now, don’t blame me if the dishes pile up, along with the laundry, and the dust bunnies seem to be multiplying a bit quicker than normal…..  I know the feeling…. 
In fact, I’ve GOT to go clean the bathroom!!   
It’s just so hard to tear myself away from PINTEREST!!

Seriously, I’ve got to manage this better! Happy Pinning!! 


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I need a 12 step program I am so addicted to Pinterest! And reading all the blogs I've visited has semi-inspired me to blog, well, at least I have set it up, just haven't added anything yet. But you have inspired me, I definately am going to start. Thanks!

    1. I am still pinning practically everyday!! Go for it! Blogging is an awesome outlet of creativity! Good Luck!


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