Happy Anniversary! 24 Blissful Years!

24 Blissful years?? 
Well, maybe not all of them….and maybe blissful is over exaggerating…..

But they have been the BEST 24 years of My life!

This anniversary is very special to me. 
This year has been speckled with difficulties that were beyond our control and
we weathered through them…… together.

We are stronger and closer than ever before.
Our faith, our commitment, and our love has brought us to this place,
where I can look back on this year with a smile.

A warm smile that fills my heart with love, admiration and peace…

God is so good and faithful.

Now, next year, will be the 25th anniversary
and I suspect I will not be here, sitting in our office writing a post….
I am hoping to be somewhere the sky's is blue, the sun is shining and I feel the soft sand under my feet…

Next year, I believe I will be saying the very same thing that,
God is good and these have been the BEST 25 years of MY life!
Thank you, honey, for believing in me, for supporting me and for loving me!
Lori ~

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