Blogging Blunders

Seeing that I am VERY green at blogging (ok, we are not just talking your average green, I’m thinking more like neon LIME green!!).  It is inevitable that I am going to fumble and stumble along making some small mistakes and probably some MAJOR ones.
I have a wonderful friend that pointed out something in yesterday’s Valentine’s Day post…(You can see that here if you missed it.)  I have to laugh, because I was so excited in sharing it, that I forgot to explain the whole point of the Valentine’s Message board…… To share little love notes with hubby, of course!!  He loved the idea!! Super easy to write a little note with a dry erase marker, then just wipe off and add a new note.  So, there you go! 
This same wonderful friend was trying to post a comment and realized she couldn’t!  What? UGH! Are you kidding me? She wasn’t a member of any of the profiles offered. I couldn’t understand what the problem was.  So, what did I do? I googled it….  And realized I needed to change some of my settings.  That is now FIXED!
This whole blogging adventure has had its challenges. I honestly didn’t know a thing about how to put one together.  Do you realize I had to learn a bit of HTML?  I even had to research on how to get those little buttons that send you to Facebook, Twitter and such, on my blog.  Of course the important part was making sure they linked to the correct pages.
I’m learning more all the time.  I soooo appreciate your patience! Go ahead and leave me a comment!  At least then I’ll know if it even works! 
Lori ~


  1. Using RSS feeds now eh?

  2. Yes, I am son! You should be proud of your mom here!! :)

  3. Yeah...this "wonderful friend" was able to leave a comment....Now Jordan, what in the world is an RSS feed?!!!The parent has become the student :)


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