Dry Erase LOVE Frame{Happy Valentine's Day!!}

Isn’t that an original title?  
How about Happy Mushy Smoochy Day!!

I’m so excited to show you what I 
made for my hubby today!  
If you checked in yesterday, you can see the 
that I made to put today’s creation in.

Now I realize that I probably should have done this beautiful creation a couple of weeks ago to give you all time to make you’re your special person, but that’s how it rolls sometimes….  This would make a lovely anniversary gift or a wedding gift too!

I have to show you the finished product first! 
I heart it!!
This is what hubby came home to....

Isn’t it soooo cool?
Here is my inspiration…

I checked out the blog it came from and 
I want to give her the credit.  
You can check out her version at 

I pinned it off of Pinterest!!  I don’t know about you all, but I am ADDICTED to Pinning!!!  I literally could pin for hours… I hate to admit this, but I kinda sorta understand a tintsy bit of how my college age son could spend the ENTIRE day playing video games…. 
Okay, move along, Lori…. 

I literally only had to purchase the paper to put in the frame!  $.89 at AC Moore! 
Here are the supplies I used.

So, I figured out where I wanted to print the “I love you because” on the heart paper, then traced a regular size 8 1/2 X 11 printer paper over it.  I did run a test sheet to make sure it came out exactly where I wanted it.  It worked perfectly the first time through! Yay!  The font I used was century golthic and I used mistral for the word “love”.  

I think it came out sooo awesome!
Next cut it out and fit inside the frame.  Which I already had and I think I painted it black 
a few decades ago….

Now the fun, crafty part!
I really like making these rosettes.  I know there are a hundred tutorials out there, but we’ll just make this one 101…  : )

Cut strips of fabric about 1 inch wide.  Easy…

I had all of this fabric on hand. Another Yay!!  In fact the blue patterned fabric is my daughter’s pj pants, she didn’t want any more.  I liked the pattern…

Okay, so you need to heat up your trusty glue gun.  
Then it’s just twist the strip and roll and glue.  
Twist the strip and roll and glue.  

You can make it as small or big as you want.  

Aren’t they cute? Can you see the beautiful stripes of the chevron tray?  I heart!!
Well, there you have it.  Pretty fun and pretty easy!  

Here it is again!!

Have a wonderful nite!  I gotta go get ready…. 
We are headed to dinner.
Lori ~

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