Where Do I Start? {Beginning Our Office Makeover}

There are soooo many things I want to share, I’m just not sure where to start?
Should I blog about this or that?  What projects should I start in my home?
I have to say that I’m really good at starting projects. I'll get this spectacular idea and I’m off running!  Then what happens, is I get another fabulous idea about something else in a totally different room, so I run over there…. And so on and so on…. I’m having a flashback to a shampoo commercial…  Are you getting the picture?  It’s probably me running around the house completely out of control.  Well, I hope it’s not that bad, you’d have to ask hubby…  Let’s not. 

Sooooo……. I’m not going by my “feelings” this time. 
 I’m going to start this one logically…  
 It shall be.... The Office to finish!   

Then I started thinking… you know my “behind” is going to be sitting in this room a lot more now, it should be organized, pretty, homey, inspirational and all the other lovely adjectives I want to incorporate in every space of my home!

So, here is the office!  This is before I painted it…

Here it is painted.  I believe I painted it on Thanksgiving break.
 You can barely see the color change.  Plus the picture is TERRIBLY blurry!!
Now this is a better pic of the color!

The color is Behr Water Mark 470E-2.  I absolutely LOVE the color!  It’s so refreshing.  Especially since all the furniture is black.  The pops of color are going to be orange, green and aqua.  Here are some inspirations that I have pinned on Pinterest!  Did I tell you how much I LOVE PINTEREST???  Oh, I believe I have…  It’s so addicting! 





{Source unavailable}


Friday, I had off and I tweeted about shopping and hitting some thrift stores.  Well, you all must know that thrift stores are a hit or miss.  One was a miss and the other, well, a half hit.  I didn’t pick up anything for the office. Yet, I hit a Michael’s and here is a pic of the goodies…

 The random coffee mug? A little tidbit about me.... I have a thing for coffee mugs, probably because I love coffee.

 The day before I dropped in to TJMaxx and picked up a couple of things.  They are in the mix too.  If you notice, I’m having an obsession with birds and owls.  In the last 6 months, I’ve found so many lost birds out there that I’ve had to bring them home. 
What's not to love?  How could I say no to that sweet precious face?

 There was one more stop yesterday to pick up these.

Now, I know what you’re asking yourself…. Really?  Boxes? Just wait and see.  I’ve got an idea!  I’ll let you know how it goes, and it’s for the OFFICE!
Lori ~

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