January 28, 2016

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Hi there! This dish is delicious, healthy and easy to make! It is also Paleo and Whole30 
friendly. You gotta try this!Mexican Cauliflower Rice

January 24, 2016

Table It Link Party #80

Hi there! I am so excited about this new adventure!
 This is our first multi blog Table It Link Party...

January 22, 2016

DIY Chalky Style Paint

I’ve been doing all kinds of painting this week… In case you missed it you, you gotta see how a little color completely transformed The Entry and Billiard Room.

But as I was putting the gallery wall back together in the billiard room, I noticed this…

January 19, 2016

Edging, Painting and Repainting

It has been a “fun” filled week of painting!! Sure, it’s A LOT of work, but it was long overdue! Plus it looks soooo amazing! How can a little color make such a huge difference?

If you remember back in my Plans for 2016, I showed you what my entry looked like.
Entry in desperate need of paint

January 14, 2016

From Bamboo Placemat to Sweet Snowflakes

We have had unseasonably warm weather here in central Pennsylvania.  I mean seriously it was 65 degrees on Christmas! What?! We’ve lived here for over 20 years and I’ve never seen it that warm in winter. But I knew it was going to catch up to us… In the last week or so the winter chill has been creeping in. Just last night, I saw the first dusting of snow… Dusting… like barely on the edges of the driveway. I’m sure in the next couple of months we’ll get hit with more than that. It’s called winter for a reason, right? And winter here will mean lots of snowflakes!

So, here’s a fun little project you might want to do on one of these chilly winter days. They were so much fun to make! Plus they’re easy and quick!
Bamboo Placemat to Snowflake

January 12, 2016

The Struggles of Organizing….It’s only a shoe rack.

It’s the new year… everyone is either organizing or signing up for a gym membership. Am I right? Isn’t is funny what a simple change of numbers does? But it does! It’s like that fresh start, new beginning.

So, let’s talk about organizing…

January 7, 2016

DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

We have a bunch of scrap wood and this was a great project and a great way to use some of it up. These rustic wood lanterns were also a lot of fun to make.
Scrap Wood Lanterns

January 5, 2016

Big Plans for 2016

Did you stay up to ring in the New Year? I sure did!! I love hosting our annual NYE party. It's so much fun having our friends and family, over chatting away and playing games! In fact, that's one thing that I want to do more of in 2016.

But the next day is always a 'chill out' day for us, especially after staying up til 2am the night before. We laid around a lot and watched movies. Somehow, we managed to take down all the outside Christmas lights, and by Saturday all of the Christmas decorations were boxed up put away. Now the house looks a bit "naked". I kinda like it though. It feels like a fresh beginning. Isn't that how we treat the new year? We reflect on the last year, and sort of 'start over' again in January. I like that. I'm ready!

So, here we go, 2016!