DIY Chalk Style Paint

Updated 4.17.20

DIY Chalk Paint

Have you ever worked with chalk paint?  It is one of those amazing paints.  It sticks to almost any surface without primer and gives such a nice rustic matte finish. I love that by mixing it yourself, you can add any color paint you want! 

This chalk paint recipe is so incredibly easy and wonderful to work with! I've used it all over the house... in all kinds of projects!

I first discovered it when Hubby and I made the Rustic Wooden Lanterns.

Rustic Wood Lanterns made with scrap

I was playing around with chalk paint, and didn’t really work with an actual recipe.  I was just throwing stuff together.  I found this recipe the easiest to make!

DIY Chalky Style Paint

Since then, I've used it on the DIY Corbels for the living room makeover.  You gotta click over to that post, they came out incredible!!

DIY Corbels

I used brand name chalk paint on my end tables, but I wish I had used this recipe.  It would have turned out much better!  I mean they are fine, but I didn't care for that paint.  The homemade DIY chalk paint recipe is so much better!!

Chalk painted end tables

The latest project I've used this in is the Antique Door Wall Planter.  It worked beautifully.... and can I tell you, it was an old batch I mixed up months ago and still worked perfect!

Chalk painted antique door

You can't go wrong with this one! 👍


  1. Nice little project Lori. I have never used chalk paint, so seeing your post is inspiring. Your gallery wall is lovely.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I've been working on updating the gallery wall... Can't wait to share!


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