Antique Door Wall Planter

This project turned out better than I imagined!  I can't wait to replace the faux plants with real ones!

Antique Door Wall Planter

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I love adding plants to our office.  It just livens the space up and makes it feel more homey.

I'm going to show you how to make an...

Antique Door Wall Planter

This is what I started with... a dirty old door.  You have to look past it and see the potential!

dirty antique door

When we owned rental properties, one of them had a bunch of antique doors in the attic.  I snagged those up, I knew I could use them in our home.

One of them I made into a mirror, it came out so cool!  You can check that one out at  A New Mirror Out of An Antique Door   We love it so much!!

This door is a smaller one, I'm not sure what it was used for.  Antique doors, just seem to have so much more character... Look at that old latch.

Anyway, I cleaned it up and slathered some vaseline on areas to 'help' distress it. All those shiny spots is where I smeared on vaseline.

Add vaseline to distress doors

Then I used my handy dandy DIY Chalky Paint recipe with some old paint and brushed it on. I painted on a light coat, I didn't want complete coverage.

Antique door painted with chalk paint

After the paint dried,  I rubbed the areas where I had the vaseline with a cloth.  It took of some of the paint, not as much as I wanted.  So, I scraped it with a putty knife.  That gave it a more distressed look.

Scraping antique door

That's better.  I wanted it to look roughed up. 👍

I was trying to think of ways to attach these terra cotta pots to the door.  I searched on Amazon and found these clips.  Pot Wall Hanging Clips

Pot Wall Hanging Clips

They were so easy to install.  Just screw them in place where you want them! How easy is that??These clips will only work with pots that have a lip.

Planter pot with wall clip

The clip and pot seems very secure.  I don't think they're going anywhere!

This was one of the easiest projects I've done in awhile!

Planter wall Antique Door

For now, I've just popped in some of the faux plants I had around the house.  The plan is to find some house plants that are super easy to take care of.  I don't have the greenest of thumbs....

So far, I haven't killed the snake plant! 😍

Antique Door Wall Planter

I'm so happy with the way this came out!

Close up of plants

Planter wall close up

Antique Door Wall Planter


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