Super Skinny Whipped Coffee

This whipped coffee is all the rage right now!  It is AMAZING!!

Super Skinny Whipped Coffee

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I am so happy to share a skinny version of this coffee !  This girl does not like to drink her calories...

It's sooo easy to make.  This whipped coffee is different than my Skinny Iced Coffee recipe.  Whipped coffee is frothy and creamy, like you're drinking a gourmet specialty drink, made by your local barista! But you can make this delicious whipped coffee at home, and it's a lot cheaper! 😍

There are a couple of different options when making this coffee and I'll list all that I can think of.  I don't think you can mess this up! Make this coffee drink any way you want!

Super Skinny Whipped Coffee

Ingredients: (Makes 2 servings)
2 Tbl. Instant coffee ( I've used decaf or even half decaf /half regular coffee)
2 Tbl. Sweetner* (I used Xyla Xylitol)
2 Tbl. Water

1 cup Almond Milk** for each serving (I use unsweetened 30 calories per cup)
Torani Sugar Free Syrup (I used the salted caramel - yum!)
A sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

The first 3 ingredients is what creates the whipped part of the coffee.  Add those 3 ingredients to a medium sized bowl and whisk/beat with a mixer. It whips up within minutes!

I used my emulsion blender with the whisk attachment, but a regular mixer will work too!

Place milk and ice into a glass and add ½ of the whipped coffee. Stir, and pour in a splash of Torani syrup. Now savor each sip and enjoy!

*Regarding sweetener - You can use sugar, but that will up your calories.  There are all kinds of sugar substitutes out there.  You just want to check the ratio to regular sugar.  My daughter-in-law even used maple syrup and added cinnamon.  I tried Stevia, it was okay, I prefer the Xyllitol.

**Regarding milk - There are so many different milks!! And I believe that all of them will work.  Use whatever is your preference.  I just prefer the ones with the least amount of calories.


Super Skinny Whipped Coffee

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