Skinny Iced Coffee {My Newest Coffee Addiction!}

I've never really liked Iced Coffee before.  Now the frozen ones... totally different story.  But the calories have always kept me away from them.  I have this thing... I don't like to drink my calories.  I mean unless I'm having a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, that's different.  But to gulp down 200-600 calories on a drink... No. Not going to happen.

But I don't have to worry about this baby.... No Sirrreeee!!!  Only 30 simple calories.... Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!  I can handle that!

Skinny Iced Coffee

Of course, I was looking on Pinterest... Seriously, it such an easy 'go to' if you're looking for something... anything!  Anyway, I came across several different recipes. Some weren't as "skinny" as I would like, but then I came across one that used almond milk.  Have you ever tried it?  I was skeptical at first, but I liked it. Plus if you get the unsweetened kind its only 30 calories.... for a CUP!  It seems to have lots of 'goodness' in it too! 

So, here we go... Let me share this little lovely with you!  Here are all the ingredients, now you don't have to have them all.  I was just showing you the different things I've tried in mine.

Skinny Iced Coffee Ingredients

Coffee, of course, is the main ingredient. Just regular brewed coffee works.  I save my left over coffee from the morning.  I refrigerate it until its cold and I'll also freeze some in ice cube trays and dump them into a freezer bag to use later.  That way when the iced coffee melts, it doesn't get watery. :) And the next main ingredient, Almond Milk.  Now, I'm sure you can use any milk.  There's regular, soy, almond, coconut, so many different ones to use, and I'm sure they will all taste great! But remember your calories will vary with the kind of milk you use and the amount.

Next, you'll see the "sweetener" I like the Torani Syrup.  It comes in so many flavors!  Right now we have a s'mores one. It's okay, there isn't a lot of flavor to it.  I also like to use those little Splenda French Vanilla packets. They are so handy!  So, I've tried those two different sweeteners and both are good.  I'm sure I'll be trying more. Hmmmm.... I'm thinking of a raspberry syrup!  Oh, and the syrups come in regular and sugar free.  I like sugar free, no calories!

Okay, the blue container.... That's to measure and mix.  It makes it easy.  Just fill it to about half way or more with cold coffee.  I like mine a bit stronger, you might like yours a little more milky.

Measure Coffee

Then I just add milk the rest of the way to the top. The sweetner comes next.  I add it right to the mix, so when I want to top off my glass, I can easily do that without having to add more sweetner. Pop the lid closed and shake it up!

Add "milk" to Skinny Iced Coffee

Easy enough, right?? Now, it's not exactly 30 calories, I hope you get that, it depends on what kind of milk you are adding and how much you prefer in your iced coffee.  But come on, this doesn't even compare to how much you'd "spend" in calories at a Starbucks. :)

Here's a simplified version of the recipe, it's so adjustable to your personal liking:

Iced Coffee Recipe

1 Cup Cold Coffee 

1 Cup "Milk"
Sweetener - to your liking
Coffee Ice Cubes

So, since I'm saving so many calories on my Iced Coffee, I can spend a little extra on my other weakness....

Skinny Iced Coffee with cookies

Cookies!! No, I didn't eat that many of them... well, close maybe... :)  My niece and I made these and they are to DIE for... That recipe will be coming shortly.