(My) Fashion Over 40 ~ Intentional Living

This week has been busy and beautiful!  The weather here in Pennsylvania has been exceptional.  It definitely doesn't seem like we are at the end of July.  Usually, it would be a hot sticky mess....But it has been 70-80s and dry and gorgeous! And I am enjoying it thoroughly!! :) Anyway... Here's what I wore to church yesterday.

My Fashion Over 40
Just a simple tank top and a maxi skirt.  I found this skirt in my closet, when I recently cleaned it out.  I finally got rid of all the clothes that were 2-3 sizes too big.  I don't know why I was holding on to those clothes, because I have vowed to never let my weight creep up again.  I worked too hard to get where I am today.

My Fashion Over 40

Here I added a light cardigan.  I usually run a little cold in church. I felt very comfortable in this outfit. I would definitely wear this out on a date night with hubby.

This Sunday, our Pastor was talking about living intentional for Christ.  That reminded me of  my word for the year, "Intentional".  I wrote about that way back in January, you can read that here, My Word For The Year. I'm so glad I re-read it. I needed that reminder. :)

Intentional living for Christ.... Sharing Christ with others, blessing people, taking my walk with God seriously, not looking for more "liberties". Christ has already liberated me!

Pastor also talked about going through difficulties. It seems to be a regular topic, but we all go through things.  And it seems like this world isn't getting better... definitely worse. The Lord stretches us through tough times and will always bring glory to Himself.  And He will bring relief in His time and He will always take care of injustices.  It might not be when we would like it but He is faithful!

Dear brothers and sisters, we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing. We proudly tell God’s other churches about your endurance and faithfulness in all the persecutions and hardships you are suffering. And God will use this persecution to show his justice and to make you worthy of his Kingdom, for which you are suffering.In his justice he will pay back those who persecute you. 2 Thessalonians 1:1-6 (NLT)

God continually is with us.  He never leaves us.  He will give us what we need, when we need it!

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:8 (NLT)

Be Blessed,
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