(My) Fashion Over 40 ~ Learning about God's Chosen People

Today, I am sharing an outfit that has some old and new in it....  If you take a look at my blog profile pic, you will notice the same shirt.

My Fashion Over 40

So, that's obviously the old. I wore that shirt when we had family photos taken before my son moved to Illinois.  
Leeper Family 2013

Leeper kids 2013

It's hard to believe that was over a year ago. I just love these pictures... Miss my kiddos...  I know I've shared these before... I just can't help myself!  Where did the time go?

Leeper family 2013

Okay... back to the outfit... It's the skirt that's new.... but kinda not really...  I bought the skirt last year, but never wore it. It was such a deal!  Like $5-$6 at Walmart clearance.  Well, it was a bit on the tight side. But since I lost some of the "extra" I was holding on to, it seems to fit okay now. 

In this photo... I'm kinda cracking up, because it is sooo windy outside, my hair kept getting stuck in my lipstick.

My Fashion Over 40

We had a special guest this Sunday, he is a messianic Jew, and he shared with us about the holocaust and the continued struggle that the Jewish people have to deal with. Unfortunately, even in our nation anti-semitism continues.  I find that appalling.  

We were reminded of when Israel became a state in 1948 and how that fulfilled prophecy.  It was really quite interesting.  

He shared how his own parents escaped the holocaust and was able to return to Israel when it became a new state.

The Jewish people are God's chosen people.  It doesn't mean they are more special to Him. He chose them for His purposes.  I'm very thankful that Gentiles (like me and others not Jewish people) were grafted into the family of God. 

He also shared about the violence and turmoil going on in Israel. It's so very sad.  I can't even imagine how difficult it must me.  I am so thankful for the peace we have here in America.  At least for now, only God knows our future. 

Let us pray for peace in Jerusalem. 

Psalms 122:6 (NIV) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:  May they prosper who love you.

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