Garage Windows Trimmed!

I know Big Whoop Dee Doooo!!!......  But it's one more step to getting this garage done!  And done the way hubby likes it too! The windows weren't really hard at all.  Hubby decided to go with a "rough" look, not fancy trim with mitered corners.  Remember.... It's a garage  :)

Raw untrimmed windows
Here are the raw windows with nothing... except for plenty of bug poop and guts... :P  Hubby got them started, then I took over!

Yes! I can use power tools... I wondered what that green spot is on my arm?? No clue...

Cutting and measuring trim pieces for window

Weird... And aren't you seeing me at my best!  This adorable outfit is something I would wear to the apartments... Hairdo and all!

start of window trim

Here is the inner trim. Hubby took the multi-tool all the way around the windows trimming the edge.  He wanted the 1x4 on top to cover the inner trim.  His garage, his way! :)

When he finished that, I measured and put up the outer trim.  He wanted just plain 1x4's no miter cuts, just nice and simple.

Windows trimmed

I like it! A little wood filler, some sanding, caulking all the way around and we are ready for some paint!

window trim primed

Awww.... Doesn't that look so pretty?  And that's only one coat of primer.  I still need to put the paint on, but I got a little distracted and started on the cabinets.

They look so cool!  I can't wait to show you!!

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