About Me

Hi my name is Lori!
I'm so glad you stopped by.

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to email me at


One day way back in 2012 my son talked me into starting a blog... you can read how it all began in my very first post, To Blog Or Not To Blog.

I have this beautiful new home 
that I have completely neglected
for the last 7 years!

Hubby and I are empty nester's and 
now we have time to spruce this place up!
I like to share how I'm/we are turning this
 builder basic home into something

I love to decorate!
I love to craft!
I love to shop for bargains!
I love to sew and crochet!
I love to get my fingers dirty in the garden!
Most importantly I love the Lord my Savior
and my wonderful hubby of 28 years!

It's been quite a ride...
Enjoy the journey with me!


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