March 31, 2012

A New Adventure Begins!!

I made a reference last week in my Feeling The Love post 
that life was going to be changing for me soon.

Well, this is it!
I quit my job!

I still can't believe it. I had been thinking about it for awhile, and hubby and I discussed it and felt this was the right time.

So, what have I been doing for the past 5 years?
I've been a Cafeteria Lunch Lady!!
I was a cashier and rang up the student's lunches. 

Now, I know you all want to find out where I got that sporty white apron, 
but they are exclusively ONLY for Cafe ladies...

Remember Ruth Buzzi and her hairnet?
Lookin good... 
Well, you won't be able to tell but I had to wear a hairnet EVERYDAY!! I had one of those big poofy ones that didn't smash my hair... 
Look, I'm originally from Cali and I had to have my hair done and lipstick on every single day!

I truly loved working at the local high school here.  Both my kids graduated here and I was able to interact with them and their friends every day.  I am blessed to have those memories.

This is my BESTIE! Tracey! I will miss her the most, we have worked side by side, sharing our lives,  jokes and pokes!  
FYI... If you have trouble with cleavage in your local high school, we have been suggesting dental bibs for 5 years!  I can't understand why the policy was never adopted.... Oh, well...

I give a shout out of love to all my cafe ladies!  
Love you girls and I will be missing all of you!

So, you are probably wondering what in the world I am going to be doing with all my free time....

I told the kids at school a couple of different things...

I was changing majors...
Going into construction...
Going into business for myself...

In a way all those are true....

First, we own some apartments.  Last year we completely renovated 8 of them.  Right now we have 2 of them that look like this....
 Pretty?.... NOT!
The contact paper backsplash and the black tile backsplash 
were definitely great design choices... really?
What do you think about the flooring options here?
Hmmm... I like them all let's do all three or four or five???

 Now, this shower, hubby already gutted... 
Actually, there was no shower.  
These were built back in the 50's, so we are adding showers.

More flooring issues... That will be ripped up and then checking the sub floor 
for any damage there.

This would be the lovely living room with the nasty carpet...  
Hmmm... you think that should be replaced?? 

Now we haven't owned them for that long, and the previous owners didn't really do ANYthing to them.
We make them nice enough that we would
 want to live there. 
Affordable, clean apartments.

This is how we like them to look when we rent them.

Not bad, right?

 I think you get the idea...
We do ALL of the work ourselves. I do demolition, spackle, tiling, grouting, painting, carpet and padding, cleaning, etc....
Hubby and my brother do plumbing, electric and all that I do and MORE!  
They are amazing!

So, now you know where I'm going to be all day!!

But my little secret, is that I'll also have more time to blog,
 and do more projects!! (Yay!)
  Let's just keep that between us... 
 I'm ready to get started!!