Life Happens....

Well, this has been an interesting week.  You know sometimes life has a way of getting in the way.  Does that even make sense?  Things just haven't gone as planned.  I'm sure that none of you have ever experienced that!

This week has been speckled with ups and downs... I may just share the ups.  I don't really want to dwell on the downs....We'll see....

I got a good report on my thumb!  It's beginning to work as an appendage again!  It seemed to have just been bobbing and hanging around.  It's still going to be a long time until it feels normal again.  I have to force my mind to use my thumb as awkward as it feels.

Another good thing that happened this week....  You are going to think I'm a bit  weird.... Oh, well, I'm weird and proud of it!  I finally understand what a Link Party is.  So, for those out there that have NO idea what I'm talking about, I'll attempt to explain.....

Some of the bigger blog goddesses have what they call a Link Party or they'll come up with some other cute name for it. Then all of the "I wanna a be a Big Blog Goddess WannaBe's" can "link up" something they've recently blogged about.  It can be all sorts of things, from recipes, to DIY projects or a before and after.  These bigger blogs have a huge base of readers.  Some of them might see a pic of what you linked up and click it to visit your blog!  How cool is that?  

I just linked up with about 3 parties and it really did make a difference!  My traffic definitely increased!  Yay!  I even got comments from people I don't even know.  Normally, it would be my wonderful friends and family.  Not that I don't appreciate them because I DEFINITELY do! It was just so rewarding to hear encouraging words from strangers!

Then another cool thing happened!  I got featured!  Now, most of you are saying... What in the world is that?  Well, I'll tell you.  It's when, another blogger usually bigger one,  sees one of your posts that they like and link it to their post.  So, Jen at Scissors&Spatulas liked my 

Pizza Tray turned Spring Stencil Tray and posted it on her blog! 
 I was so happy to hear that!

Anyway, I had big plans of getting all sorts of bloggy stuff done this week, but my other part-time jobs just got in the way.....  Oh, well... Life Happens...  I'll make another attempt next week.  My wonderful mother that passed away almost 5 years ago from cancer, would always say "I can't take one day at a time, I can only handle one minute at a time"  and she would always say that "Life was Short"  So, in light of my mother's words of wisdom, we'll just try again and see what life brings next week....

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