DIY Floral Topiaries

Not with Twitter….. I hardly even know how to use that. 
I'm such a newbie…
I’m talking about THIS…..

I am sooo in love with this little project I did last night!  
 It was really easy too, not like my last DIY Disaster….

Aren’t they adorable??

They will be incorporated into my Spring Mantel, that will be coming up soon.  And don’t think I’ve forgotten about my basement woes. I even worked on that!  I cleared off one of the tables downstairs. And NO, I didn't just put everything on the other table down there.... I put some of it on a shelf I set up. Not completely organized but better than before. 


See.... I told you!!

I made these adorables on that table last night, while my daughter was having a “spring break” party upstairs! A bunch of her friends from high school are all on spring break too! I heard the Wii playing, some sort of banging??, a ukulele playing and singing.  Sounds like they had fun!

Here are some easy peasy directions to my little lovelies….
I got the adorable pots at the Dollar Tree (LOVE)!
The styrofoam balls, green styrofoam, and spanish moss I got there too. 
I only spent a total of $5!!
The flowers, I had on hand.  
My son and his girlfriend came down to the basement to visit me and they pulled all of the flowers off the stems. 
{I used to work at a retail store where you can purchase wonderful smelling shower gels and lotions (not saying any names), and when they were done with a lot of their flower displays, they would throw them away!! Can you believe that?? So, I’ve collected a couple of boxes of flowers, yay! Free!}

 You will need your handy dandy glue gun to glue the flowers on.  So, then I just randomly glued the flowers all over the ball until it was nice and full!

Then I cut the green foam to fit into the pot 
and glued Spanish moss over it to cover it up.
The stems the flowers were plucked from were perfect for the “trunk”.
I found the center in the
 "lovely spring flower sphere" 
and the pot, then just stuck them in and
Spring Topiaries….twitterpated…..
 Lori ~
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