DIY Cereal Box Drawer Organizer

I'm still here....
It's been a wild week. Felt sick on Monday, kiddo stuff on Tuesday, 
taxes DONE on Wednesday and 
FAFSA junk in between.
To those of you that have college kids, I'm sure we are all in agreement....
I STRONGLY DISLIKE doing FAFSA! And for those who don't know what it is, don't bother, maybe there will be an easier way to obtain student loans, when it's time for your kiddos.
I could say more but I won't. my soapbox.
I have been working on the office. 
Well.... a tiny bit.  But hopefully we will be moving some things around in the office this weekend.  Then I can really get down to business.

My Messy Desk:
DIY Drawer Organizer from cereal boxes

Haha! I wish I could always keep it looking that good all the time!
Maybe I will after today!

Most of the time is has looked like this....

So, I know that none of you have desks that look like this.... Right? 
Right... sure... no really, I believe you...

Well, I'm really trying to get organized.  
Especially in the office, but it's sooo hard!
Well, I have the answer to the messy desk dilema!
Yep, cereal boxes, snack boxes, any boxes!
Cheap FREE boxes that you usually throw away right? 
Start saving them. I've been saving mine for a couple of weeks.
The reason, I don't go out and spend $$ on a cute adorable desk organizer is because for one, I'm cheap.  Second, in my thinking, why spend money on something no one is going to see... I mean I keep my desk drawer closed most of the time, don't you?  It's not on display, saying "Hey, look how cute and functional I am".  Nope, it's in the drawer all closed up and hiding.  
It just needs to be functional.

So, let's make this thing already!

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My drawer is 2 inches deep, so every box had to be measured and cut to that size.  

Then I got all the junk out of the drawer and figured what was staying and going.  Rearranged them a few times til it fits just right.  
Cool,  now I'm ready to cover them.  Who wants to look at brown cardboard in your drawer.  Just because I'm cheap, doesn't mean I like ugly. 

Of course, I was in my local Dollar Store.... 
Ahhh.... do you hear the angels singing? :))
I was doing a little browsing and came across some cute wrapping paper, 
that was blue and green. Perfect! 
 Plus see those cutting lines... LOVE! 
That made it so much easier to measure and cut.
And check out the adorable polka dots!

Get out your bottle of Mod Podge and get ready to glue!  First, I did the edges.

Then I cut a longer piece to go up and over each section.  Pretty easy... Now it wasn't perfect. There were a few wrinkles. 
It's okay, remember it will be stuffed with stuff in your closed drawer, 
so who really cares?  
Not me...
DIY Drawer Organizer from cereal boxes
 Here are a few more shots fitting inside my desk drawer.
DIY Drawer Organizer from cereal boxes

Not bad... I see a light at the end of the tunnel....
DIY Drawer Organizer from cereal boxes
I really need to do this to all of my junk drawers in the house... 
I have to many of them... another day...

So, here's the messy desk

And now all pretty and organized!
DIY Drawer Organizer from cereal boxes
I'm happy with it! 
Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit!

**UPDATE: This has been such a lifesaver!  I've actually made a few others. Once I've organized a drawer with these little boxes, it has actually stayed organized!
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