Brand Spankin' New Desk Organizer!

This project was a must do over…I made the Original Desk Organizer 3 years ago. It stayed pretty organized, for the most part. But now I have a beautiful brand spankin' new shiny one!

Cereal Boxes To Desk Organizer

Can you believe that desk organizer is made with cereal boxes? The Original Post I did went crazy viral all over Pinterest! At least viral for me… it’s had over 373,000 hits.

Here's a fun video I made! You can see me make the new one in less than a minute!

Now, I'll show you a bit slower.... :)

It all started because of my chronic shoulder issues... I needed to relocate my keyboard into the drawer. That way it will be at a better height for me. The drawer is pretty cool because it's made for the keyboard, the front of it unlocks and opens up. :)

You know this getting old stuff is for the birds! I’ve been also having knee issues. “Runner’s knee” is what they call it. I’ve been doing physical therapy for 2 months now and I’m finally finding some relief! Yay! Now, the shoulder…idk it may need a bit more than therapy. I’ve been doing that at home for years…it keeps the pain just at bay.

Anyway… so here’s what the desk looked like before. See how I kept the keyboard higher on top of the desk.

Old configuration for cereal box desk organizer

Like I said mostly organized, but it was in need of some purging.

I actually used some of the old pieces for this organizer and made some new ones. It really helps to save all sorts of boxes.

New configuration for cereal box desk organizer

Be sure to measure your space, so everything fits nicely.

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The supplies you’ll need to finish this project:
Cereal boxes or raisin, granola, oatmeal... any sort of box will work.
Mod Podge
Wrapping paper (This one is similar to what I found)

Look around, you may find a great deal like I did! I found this awesome heavy weight wrapping paper on clearance at Target awhile back for $.88! It worked perfect! It adhered beautifully and I didn’t have to go over the top of it with Mod Podge. It didn’t even wrinkle at all. I loved working with it.

I found it easier to cut all of the pieces first. It takes a bit of time to figure which sides will show and the best way to cover.

Cutting Gold paper for cereal box desk organizer

Next, it’s time to glue. This went so quick!

Gluing gold paper for cereal box organizer

I’m in love with this gorgeous gold paper!

Love the gold paper for covering cereal boxes

Glue, glue, glue and then…. Voile’! Your done!  Yeah, I know this pic is blurry… I was taking it with my remote, and I actually wanted the boxes to come in clear.
New Desk organizer from cereal boxes- thumbs up!

Now, it’s time to set up the organizers.

New Configuration for desk organizer

So much better, don’t you think?! And my shoulder thanks me! :)

Cereal Boxes to Desk Organizer… Simple and Cheap!!
Cereal Boxes To Desk Organizer

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