The Quickest Way To Update UGLY Brass Flush Mount Lights

Updated 5.7.21

The Quickest Way To Update UGLY Brass Flush Mount Lights

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Not only is this the quickest way to update nasty brass flush mount (boob) lights, but this will probably be one of the shortest posts I’ve ever done! Because it is so stinkin’ EASY!!!

Brass Flush mounted lights before

I was sure I had taken a more recent ‘before’ picture! I had to search and search my archives, just to find this Christmas picture! 

Most of the time, I cropped out those nasty brass boob lights out of my lovely pictures. Okay, hold up... don't get offended...Flush mount lights are notoriously know as boob lights, let's be real here people! I think it's pretty obvious why they are called that, although I do not want them drawing that much attention in my home! And after this quick fix, I wont have to worry about that anymore!

Did you see how those brass babies stuck out like a sore thumb?? Ugh! I seriously could NOT stand them any longer!

I asked Hubby to take them down for me. He so graciously and willingly did. I have the best husband ever! Now, I would have taken them down myself, but since I’ve been having trouble with my one knee, I’ve been banned from ladders for the time being. 😕

Anyway…. this is the easiest and cheapest way to camouflage those dumb brassy boob lights. I would love to get new fixtures, but I haven’t seen anything that I really like and that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. So…guess what I did? I painted them. Yep! Easy, right?

Here you can see the left one is ready for paint. The right one needs to be prepped and taped up. 

Brass lights to paint

I lightly sanded them and painted them with my favorite spray paint primer.

Rustoleum Spray Paint Primer

I didn’t take any pictures of them being spray painted… I guess I figured you’d get what it looked like…

Then I brushed on a quick coat of the Homemade DIY Chalky Style Paint I made with the custom color for our home’s trim and ceiling. I want them to blend right into the ceiling, so that you don’t even notice them.

I painted all the little screw on parts too. And voile’ it worked! They are hardly noticeable. At least this will work as a temporary fix until I decide what I want to do for those lights.

Painted flush mounted lights

I love how they just blend in. Those yellowy smoke detectors, seem to demand attention now. Ugh! I was tempted to photoshop them out….but I didn’t. Why do they turn that yellowy color? They used to be nice and white. Whatever… I’ve got more important things to do!

Here’s a nice before and after. What a difference now that my staircase is updated! The Painting Adventure….and.... The Staircase Project. I just love how it looks now. It will even look better, once I stain the stair treads…another project for another day.

Before and after painted flush mount lights

See, I told you, super quick!


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