Some of My Favorite Whole 30 Recipes

This isn’t my first Whole 30 ‘rodeo’, but I’d thought I’d share how it’s going this time and some of the food I’ve been eating.  Because you know it’s all about the FOOD!
Favorite Whole 30 Recipes
Today, I am on day 12. It’s been going really good! Cravings are pretty minimal, so far. It helps to have meals planned and some of them pre-cooked. I have said this before, but incase you’re new around here… I really do not like to cook. Hubby is the awesome cook! I am the baker, but I haven’t and won’t be doing much baking around here for the next couple of weeks, unless it’s a healthy Whole 30 compliant something.

When it comes to cooking, I’m actually pretty lazy. If it were just me, I’d live on cans of soup, pizza, yogurt/spinach smoothies and premade meals. Yeah, not so healthy…So, being on this strict food plan has actually been good for me. It’s forced me to cook… I eat better, hubby eats better, we both feel better! It’s really a win win!

The recipes I’m going to share are delicious! They keep me going! FYI…. I’ve been posting a lot of my meals on my Instagram feed.  If you want to see what I’m eating, come join me over there @thestonybrookhouse!

My newest favorite:
Sweet Potato Hash – OMG! Love, love, love this one! The recipe is pretty easy.
It’s from Abby at M is for Mama.
quiche sweet pot hash
I shredded it like Abby suggested, but that was A LOT of work when you don’t have a food processor and you have chronic shoulder tendonitis. Hubby had to do most of the shredding. So until I get one of those handy dandy machines, I’m going to cube it. It was so good, I seriously had to force myself to stop eating it!

This next recipe is actually one of my old standbys. I make this on a regular basis, whether I’m on a Whole 30 challenge or not. It’s that good, plus Hubby and I are suckers for anything Mexican!

Oven Baked Fajitas From Laura at Real Mom Kitchen
oven fajitas

Now on the Whole 30 challenge, you really aren’t supposed to snack. But, there are times a meal isn’t quite enough, or I am starving and must have something! This is perfect!

DIY – Lara Bars - They are incredibly easy! I use the recipe from Our Family Eats.
lara bar

I used dates in this batch, but I've also tried using prunes instead of dates.  It’s just a bit different, maybe sweeter and a little softer. Plus prunes are sooo much easier to find than dates, at least for me.

And the last one has really helped my ice cream cravings. OMG! Sooo good and you can add different ingredients to change it up.
banana cream
All of these pictures today are from what I put up on Instagram

This last one…Not a fabulous picture, plus it’s a bit melty, but WHO CARES it was awesome!

Banana Cream
  • 1 frozen banana sliced or broken up
  • cashew milk

Optional Ingredients:
  • Cocoa powder – Yum chocolate banana cream!
  • Almond butter – Omg! It tastes like banana peanut butter!
  • Or both -  banana chocolate almond butter cream!!

Just put the frozen banana in a mini food processor or blender and add cashew milk until it is creamy. Yep! That’s it and it is incredible!!!

Most of these recipes I found on Pinterest. That place is packed full of awesomeness!!

Here are a few other things that have helped me stay on track:
  • Keeping grilled chicken already cooked in the freezer. Huge time saver!
  • Making a large meal that can be used as leftovers for a couple of days. Like a quiche, or oven fajitas, or tacos, etc.
  • Making a large bowl of salad ready to go.  I buy romaine lettuce. It’s sooo much better for you than iceburg, plus it lasts twice as long in the fridge. Then I buy a bag of ‘Broccoli Slaw’. I hand tear up some romaine then add a generous helping of broccoli slaw. Instant salad!

Here are a few changes I’ve already noticed about myself.
  • I’m thirstier, which means I’m drinking more water. A+
  • My skin is clearing up. I struggle with rosacea. Right now,  I’m also trying a new product on my face and that has had amazing results too, so it’s hard to tell which has the upper hand. Plus only drinking water, I’m sure has a part to play.
  • I’ve lost a few pounds. (That isn’t the main reason I did this, but it’s a benefit, so my clothes are fitting better)
  • I sleep better.
  • I have more energy. The afternoon sugar crashes have disappeared.
  • Just feeling good overall.
Who doesn’t like to feel good? If you’ve never gone on one of these adventures, I’d recommend it.  There’s a reason why so many people have tried it. I know I won’t eat like this all the time after the 30 days, but it helps me build new habits that I might keep for the long haul.

Have a great week!


  1. Looks like a great round-up of nice recipes Lori. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The sweet potato hash sounds really interesting! I let my girls have banana ice cream for breakfast and they think they are being naughty.

    1. That sweet potato hash is my utmost favorite! I'm addicted to it!! Hahahaha, I could eat banana ice cream for breakfast too!! ;)


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