November 24, 2014

My Fashion Over 40 ~ Leaving and Legacy

I'm so happy right now!  Both my children are here! Granted they are both working, which I don't care, because they're actually HERE!! :) My daughter is busy on college graduation projects and my son is working from "home" on some techy computer system java "stuff".

Yesterday, was a big day, our Pastor's last Sunday. Yeah, kinda emotional, but it was a very good day!

My Fashion Over 40

November 22, 2014

Little Change, BIG Impact! {Painting The Garage Door}

Now that the holidays are around the corner, I don't know think I'll be investing a lot of time into "big" projects.  This little change only took a bit of time, but the impact was huge! You might remember this door from our Garage Update.

Before ~ Garage Update

November 19, 2014

Pecan Crusted Sweet Potato Bake

As you know I am getting very excited about Thanksgiving, because Hubs and I will have BOTH our kids home! In fact they are going to be here the entire week of Thanksgiving! 10 more days!

I have been making this dish for over 20 years, it's a staple at every holiday meal.  It is that good! Over the years, I've cut down on the sugar and butter and every bite is still just as good!

Pecan Crusted Sweet Potato Bake

November 17, 2014

My Fashion Over 40 ~ The Faithfulness Of God Is Perfect!

I think I'm finally getting over this 'kickin' my butt' head cold! Ugh! Thank the Lord, I don't get sick very often. I even worked out this morning. :) I just haven't had the energy this past week. I also haven't been sleeping well since getting sick and I feel like it shows.

Fashion Over 40

November 13, 2014

Mini Gallery Wall Shelves

Let's just say I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the this project. But I knew I had to just do it! I have tons of stuff, but is it the right stuff and will this stuff all look good together.  I want it to look pretty like all those magazine  and Pinterest pictures. Yeah... I'm whining. :P
Here's the before.

November 10, 2014

My Fashion Over 40 ~ Stay Strong In The Faith

Well, today is Hubs birthday!  A quick shout out to my sweet man, Happy Birthday! This is us a couple of weeks ago visiting our daughter at Liberty University. Love this man!

Me and hubs

November 7, 2014

IKEA BESTÅ Hack Complete! ~ Part 2

OMG! The difference in my living room is phenomenal!

Ikea Besta Hack

November 3, 2014

My Fashion Over 40 ~ The Nature Of God

What a weekend! Had a great visit with my daughter,  found out my nephew and his wife are having another baby girl, and finished up a project in the living room!! :) If your curious about the project you'll have to wait, but in case you don't know what I'm talking about you can check out what I was working on HERE.

Remember, I told you I found some new brown boots!!? Here they are! So comfortable and what a deal! Just under $20!

My Fashion Over 40

November 1, 2014

IKEA BESTÅ Hack ~ Part 1 {Never Skip The Prep Work!}

Okay, wall is painted.  Shelves are painted. I can check those things off my list!  They look so much better!

TV wall