Little Change, BIG Impact! {Painting The Garage Door}

Now that the holidays are around the corner, I don't know think I'll be investing a lot of time into "big" projects.  This little change only took a bit of time, but the impact was huge! You might remember this door from our Garage Update.

Before ~ Garage Update

We definitely finished painting the garage, finished all the cabinets, and it is awesome! This just gives you a reminder of where this door sits in our garage.  It's the the entrance to our home.

So, anyway. I wanted to do something a little unexpected. I painted the door.

Black Garage Door

Wow! Little change = BIG Impact!! I had a quart of oil based black paint in the basement, it barely made a dent in it. I also touched up the trim around the door.  Oops! Now, you can see we didn't finish the baseboards... Well, there's a reason. Hubby needs to rebuild the stairs. That project will just have to wait til next spring.  It is too stinkin COLD in the garage now to do much of anything!!

I'm not done here.... I wanted to add a touch of our personality... In our home it's pretty much mi casa, su casa.  My house, your house. So, I added this little phrase.

Chalk Stencil on Garage Door

Yep! Just "Come on in". Hubby and I went back and forth whether we wanted just a "hi" or "hello" or "welcome".  It just didn't seem to suit us. But "come on in" seemed just right.

This is super easy to do.  I just found a font in Word, printed it off, traced the wrong side of the letters with chalk.  (Any ole chalk will do) Then with a pencil I traced the words onto the door.

Chalk Stencil on Garage Door

See! Oops, I forgot the inner circle on the "o".  I just had to kinda wing that.... :)

Then, I just got my tiny paint brush, reading glasses, and some leftover paint from the basement. Because, you know, now I can actually find all my paint and painting supplies since I built this handy Paint Shelf!

Here's the first coat.

Come On In - 1st Coat

Lookin good!

It took about 3 coats of paint for the letters. So easy and so fun!  I just love it!

Garage Door Stencil Complete

All Finished!! :)

Door Finished

This makes me smile when I come home, even if I'm lugging in groceries. Oh, and my wonderful Hubby put that little door stopper on our back door, for when your hands are full and you need that door propped open. Isn't he awesome!!
Here's another before and after.

Garage Door Before and After

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