Mini Gallery Wall Shelves

Let's just say I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the this project. But I knew I had to just do it! I have tons of stuff, but is it the right stuff and will this stuff all look good together.  I want it to look pretty like all those magazine  and Pinterest pictures. Yeah... I'm whining. :P
Here's the before.
I am soooo happy to say.... I think they turned out better than I imagined! Hubby helped of course, because there were way to many decisions to make and I wanted him to love them too!
Mini Gallery Wall Shelves
It actually became fun and I got my craft on an made some of the items, too!

When I first starting thinking about this project, I was considering making the entire wall a gallery wall, but my smart daughter thought that might be too overwhelming.  She was so right! Then I thought maybe just a picture or two on each side of the TV. That seemed too boring.  This seems to complement the whole wall.

In the beginning, was going to put up my daughter's artwork.  She has some pretty awesome pieces. But after some thought, I realized that this is where hubby and I sit, entertain, watch tv, sit by the fireplace, play cards, etc... This is where we should see our family!  These photos are from 2 family photo shoots, that I've never printed before.  I know, bad, right??

So, this is how I did the Mini Gallery Wall Shelf.  I started by taping the dimensions on the carpet.
floor tape
Just to get an idea where the speaker is and how much will fit in this space. And then I forgot to keep taking pictures... Don't ya love it?? Anyway, I think you get the idea.

Here's a close up of the left side.
I adore that pic of my two kiddos!  They look so happy there!Gallery Shelf
That is such a great pic of hubs and I.  The little one under that, is a pic from a vacation of the kiddos, so peaceful. I took some branches from the yard and stuck them in a bottle and hot glued a few leaves to them.Letter L
The scrabble letter I made.  I had this block of wood from a blogging conference a couple of years ago.  I just printed off a letter L and a number 1 and traced them onto the block.  I used a ruler to get the lines perfect.  Then you won't believe this.... I used a Sharpie! Came out awesome! I love that!

Isn't that fish adorable?? My daughter made that in high school, that had to be on my shelf.  I glued the starfish to a lid that I painted black.
Fish and Starfish

This photo is of my grandma, her mom, and her siblings, isn't it cool?  And that little bunny... so sweet. One of my daughters first pieces of art.  She was probably 3 or so and she did this precious finger paint and wrote most of her name. They grow up so fast!
Art work and Antiques
I picked up that little plant on my last trip to IKEA and spray painted the little pot.

Ok. Now onto the other Mini Gallery Wall Shelf. Love, love, love these photos!  I'm so glad I decided to put up family pics.  I smile every time I look up at this wall.
Gallery Shelf
I used a bottle I painted white on this side with some branches.  I'm thinking of making some sort of screen for the speakers.

Isn't that eye cool?  Yep, another piece done by my daughter.  She's got talent!
Eye Artwork and more
The sand dollar we actually bought on one of our vacations and this is what I used for the base.
Cheese Plate Makeover
We've had this around forever! I think I picked it up at a yardsale. Never used it until now! I can use the glass cloche for something else.  It worked perfect. Quick coat of paint and voile!

And the little blue box.... cut down an old shoebox. Hot glue gun the sides and lid, add a little spray paint. Done!
Shoebox Makeover
Hey, it worked! Another IKEA plant on top, add hub's little fish from our Bahamas trip, and that equals some pretty awesome shelves that are all done!!
Mini Gallery Wall Shelves
The wall is complete! Chairs... those will come later.  I still can't believe the transformation in this room!  I know I was intimidated at first, but don't be, just go for it!  If I can do it you can too! Sometimes, you just have to take a step of faith and you might just be surprised with the results!

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