January 21, 2014

How To Make Super Cheap Drawer Organizers!

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Yes! More organization is underway!
These two drawers have been a thorn in my side for years.
Messy Desk Gets Organized
I've tried to organize them, but in no time at all they would look like this again!
Messy Drawer Gets Organized
This is not working for me!

The best thing that works for me is what I did in my office drawer.  It was one of my first posts.  
It went nuts on Pinterest and it still gets the most hits on the ole blog!

Office Drawer Organized with Cereal Boxes
I LOVE this organizer!  It still looks this good.  Everything has it's own spot!

So, I figured, that was the best way to go, because it stays organized!

These drawers are jam packed!
Messy Drawer Gets Organized
This is the same drawer, I've just gotten to the next level of crap.

The other drawer isn't much better.
Messy Drawer Gets Organized
There is a utensil tray in there, but as you can see it's buried! See, I was trying.
So, the drawers got dumped, a lot of it went in the trash, and some went to the office.

Then I had to decide what I actually wanted to keep in them.
Drawer is getting organized
Not much, but those items in the drawer are the things that I'm using the most, and I'm tired of them being on TOP of the desk!

Can you see all those boxes in the background?  That's what I'm going to use to organize these drawers.  I've been saving them for quite awhile.
I already did a completely thorough tutorial on how to cut and cover the boxes in my Messy Desk post. You can hop over there and see for yourself!. 

Here's the process I go through. Once I figure out what I want in each drawer, I try to organize it in the boxes and see how it fits in the drawer.
Drawer Organization for Cheap

Drawer Organizer from Cereal Boxes
This just makes me feel calmer...

Now the fun part!!

Time for Mod Podge... Love that stuff!! 
Cereal Box Desk Organizer Made Pretty
Check out this paper!! Gorgeous, right? It's gift wrap that I found on sale.  Awesome!! And I've had this roll foreevvveerrr! I was saving it for a project just like this!

Ahhh!!! I am sooo LOVING this!!!
Cereal Box Desk Organizer Made Pretty
Jealous, aren't you....  :)

I know it doesn't really matter what they look like, the drawers are kept closed, but these so pretty!!
Desk Drawers Organized With Cereal Boxes
Now, it's time to fill them up.
Drawers Organized With Pretty Cereal Boxes
Don't they look great?
I know they will stay looking this good!
Yes, it's a little time consuming, but SOOO worth it! Plus it's practically free!!
Easy Cheap Way to Organize Drawers

Here are a few other organizing projects I've done using the same method!

Kitchen Utensil Drawer

Vanity Drawer
Let's get organized!!
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Lori -thestonybrookhouse

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  1. I did this to one of our junk drawers last year and it feels amazing doesn't it! The good news is my drawer is still pretty tidy, the boxes force you to not just sling the junk in. I am thinking I should probably have a bash at another one, you have officially inspired me, thanks

    1. Hi Julia! And thanks! I absolutely love these and you are right, it's pretty hard to stuff junk in them when they are neat and tidy like that. Thanks for stopping by!!


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