Organizing A Messy Kitchen Cabinet

I am on a mission this year!
Maybe I'm being inspired by my word for the year:

word of the year

I feel like this is going to be the year!

What do I mean by the year?
The year to get organized.
The year to be able to work on our home.
The year to not be constantly focused on our business.
The year to make more time for friends.
The year to do more!
Whatever the Lord has in store!

We are so close to finishing our LAST apartment renovation.
So... That means, I should have more time to do projects around the house.  
At least thats my plan.
I would LOVE to finally organize my entire house!
My goal is to attack every drawer, cabinet, closet, and room, even if it takes me all year!

Project Organization 2014 is launched!
Here's a what I've done so far.  It may not seem like much, but for me it is huge!
I have this lovely little desk area in the kitchen, that is mostly a catch all for crap, and then that crap gets shoved into a cabinet or one of the drawers around there. 

Messy Desk Area

This is how it would look on an average day, sometimes worse and sometimes better. Now, this isn't a recent picture, Christmas has been put away. :)

Today, I will be addressing the drawer to the far left and the cabinet above it.
Here is the before picture of the cabinet:
Messy cabinet

Isn't is amazing how much crap you can pack into such a tiny space?!
Most of those candles and such are from my old job at Bath and Body Works, 
over 5 years ago!!

Ok, next the "sunglasses" drawer...

Drawer mess

Hmmm... sunglasses and MORE!
I found glasses in there from when my son was 10!
Why were they in there???
Plus a bunch of those glasses were broken...time to purge!
I found some baskets in the basement and now it looks like this:

Organized drawer

One for hubby and one for me and then hubby's ipod and phone stuff. 
Much Much better!

The cabinet took a little more time.
First, I found a shelf in the basement and designated it for all those candles, then I went through every shelf and purged and organized.
I covered boxes with some old contact paper I had on hand.
Here's the after:

Organized Cabinet

I wasn't too happy with how the contact paper worked.
We'll see how the organization holds up.  If I like it, then I'm going to recover everything with something else, maybe some cool fabric!
This makes me feel so good!
A place for everything and everything in it's place.
Happy joy joy feelings!!

This is a great start to 
Project Organization 2014!
I'm off to start another drawer and
it's a scary one...
Are you feeling the urge to purge, clean and organize?


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