Cabinet Painting ~ HomeRight Fine Finish Sprayer

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by HomeRight, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.)

I received this back in August!
Home Right Fine Finish Sprayer

I've been dying to use it!
I was hoping to use it on the cabinets for the garage, but that project got put on hold for the winter.  It is too stinkin cold in the garage to do anything!
So, I was trying to figure out where to use this awesome little guy!!
Aha!! The apartments!
I've got to paint the kitchen cabinets.
Now usually we paint our apartment cabinets
 this chocolately sort of brown.

Apartment brown painted cabinets

The brown covers a lot of "sins".  They are apartments.... Need I say more?  
The cabinets in this building are original which equals OLD!  But they are still operational and not in too bad of shape. We began painting them as the apartments became available.

So... I thought I'd change it up a bit because I wanted to use my new sprayer!  Sure, I could paint them brown, but then I'd have to tape everything everywhere...ugh! 
I didn't want to do.  I'm kinda lazy like that. :/

We pretty much use the same paint for all the walls, in all of the apartments.  It makes it really easy when we need to "freshen" up an apartment for a new tenant.  It's a light creamy color.  I don't remember it off hand we buy it by the 5 gal. buckets!

I painted the cabinets the wall color. No taping, no worry about overspray.  Perfect!

Here's a before.

Apartment cabinets before

Nice... right? This one was a doozie!!
We already tore off the yellow laminate that was on the back wall.  It matched the pretty yellow laminate counter. Gag!!
That will be getting ripped off later.

I took off all the cabinet doors and hardware. Then scrape, clean and sand everything.

Apartment cabinets ready for paint

Ready to prime! 

One coat down! 

Apartment cabinets primed

The sprayer is awesome, I just had to get used to it.  
In the beginning I had it spraying too much paint.


That's okay it's on the side base cabinet, it won't show. 
But then I think I went too fine and I was covered in paint.  It's finding that balance.  
I just kept playing with it to get it just right.

I was a little uneasy to get started.  We had a sprayer before, used it for one project.  It was a nightmare. Constantly clogging, horrid to clean and even worse to put it back together. It went in the trash.

After using this sprayer,
I'm definitely not intimidated anymore. This one is nothing like that piece of junk. 

On to the cabinet doors.
I wanted to be able to paint the front and back at the same time.  
Racking my brain for a way to do that.
Then the light bulb went off!  Or should I say turned on!!
I got a bunch of these little hooks.

little hooks to hang cabinets

And screwed 2 of them into the hinge side of the door.

hangars to hang cabinets

I hooked a hangar on to the hooks.  It helps to place them evenly to balance the door.

Then I jimmied this contraption.

Primed hanging cabinet doors

An old rickety ladder and a sawhorse with a 2x4.  Gotta love it!!  I could spray them and then "slide" them down to one side.
It worked pretty good!

I scrubbed all of the hardware. Then I primed and painted the hinges.

White Apartment Kitchen

Looks pretty good, right?!
Another angle.

White Apartment Kitchen

 I spray painted inside the cabinets as well.

Inside cabinets

If you look closely, they aren't as smooth as you might think.  They are pretty banged up.  I did end up using a roller to fill in the grooves and gaps.  If they had been smooth like new cabinets, that wouldn't have been a problem.

Base cabinets

Overall, I really loved the HomeRight Fine Finish Sprayer.  It was soooo easy to use and clean.  I probably cleaned that thing over a dozen times 
and it worked perfect the next time I used it. 
The directions show you how to thin the paint, they also recommend using a paint strainer (which I am sooo glad I did).
I can't wait to use it again.
If you want an awesome paint sprayer...
HomeRight Fine Finish Sprayer!

Home Right Fine Finish Sprayer

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