My Fashion Over 40 ~ Where Do We Go From Here?

December 15, 2014

Well, hello, there!! It has been such a fun week! I sooo enjoy spending time with my daughter, chatting, decorating, baking and shopping. Then on Saturday, Hubby and I went to his work's Christmas Party. 

This week's Fashion Over 40 is what I wore to the Christmas Party.... and then I wore it to church. What? Don't y'all ever do that? Come on... of course you do!
Fashion Over 40

Making Handmade Ornaments Is EASY!

December 10, 2014

I had so much fun making handmade ornaments this year! I had most of the supplies on hand. I love the way my entry tree came out.  I need more ornaments, but remember I'm trying to keep the mentality that "less is more!".
Handmade Ornaments

How to make a Dollar Tree Wreath Look Great!

December 9, 2014

I have been so busy crafting and setting up Christmas that I haven't shared one thing with y'all. Well, now is the time! You actually got a sneak peak yesterday, if you caught My Fashion Over 40 ~ I Am Spoiled.

The sweet little wreaths looked like this in the beginning... not very sweet, kinda scrawny and ugly.
Scrawny Ugly Wreath

My Fashion Over 40 ~ I Am Spoiled

December 8, 2014

Yes, I am spoiled.  I'm going to have to say that most of America is.  We have so much and we don't even realize it.  Instead, we complain, take our privileges and freedoms for granted. And right now there is this Christmas shopping frenzy going on and its all about more, more, more!

Guess what? Today's outfit has nothing new in it! :)
Fashion Over 40

My Fashion Over 40 ~ Leaving and Legacy

November 24, 2014

I'm so happy right now!  Both my children are here! Granted they are both working, which I don't care, because they're actually HERE!! :) My daughter is busy on college graduation projects and my son is working from "home" on some techy computer system java "stuff".

Yesterday, was a big day, our Pastor's last Sunday. Yeah, kinda emotional, but it was a very good day!
My Fashion Over 40
I struggled finding something to wear. I tried on a couple different outfits.  A black dress, nah.  Then I tried this skirt with a blue shirt. It was kinda too matchy matchy with hubby.  He was wearing a blue dress shirt with his suit and tie. I don't mind coordinating, but not matching. So, I opted for this red shirt.

Black and red is so classic. Nothing is new here.  In fact, the shirt, I've taken in several times and I love this sweater so much, that I've taken it in as well.  It has a black sequin trim around the neck and front.  It just dresses up any outfit. Black pattern tights and small heels.  The pearls just seem to work.
To be honest, I was wound  pretty tight yesterday morning at church, and my notes don't really make a whole lot of sense.  Hubby and I were both involved with a lot that was taking place yesterday with honoring our pastor. Hubby more so than I, but I felt the pressure all the same. :)  Everything went very smoothly, from the presentations to the banquet and even the clean-up. God is good.

Our Pastor continued to reassure us and build us up.  He played this video that was quite inspiring by Dr. Myles Munroe. Dr. Munroe actually just died in a plane crash two weeks ago, right after filming this video.

I am encouraged and believe the best is yet to come for our church!

 photo Lorigray120_zpsff06fe5c.jpg

Little Change, BIG Impact! {Painting The Garage Door}

November 22, 2014

Now that the holidays are around the corner, I don't know think I'll be investing a lot of time into "big" projects.  This little change only took a bit of time, but the impact was huge! You might remember this door from our Garage Update.
Before ~ Garage Update