Feeling The Love!

Yes, I am feeling the love!  From all of you! I have to say this has been an overwhelming week.  In a good way.  Let me back up and explain….

I am really new to all of this, my blog baby is only about a month and a half old, and I have been feeling very much like a newborn!  Being new to the blog world has been wonderfully awesome and scary at the same time .

I FINALLY figured out what a link party was… Honestly, I didn’t get it,  I visited several before and spent HOURS clicking away at all of the wonderful sites and ideas.  It was like Christmas for a crafter/diy’er!  I didn’t understand how they put them up there.

Then one day I was reading at How to Nest For Less….. 

How to Nest for Less
Erin explained it all for me!  So simply I might add. Check her out!

So, now I was on a mission!  Who has parties and when and what should I link?  And, and, and…..  It’s really time consuming… but oh the rewards….

I thought to myself, I’ll link up my Damask Project, that one is cute, I like the way it turned out.  Hmmm…. How about that stupid magazine holder?   
It really was a flop, but they turned out okay…

Well, well, well.  I think people like to read about flub-ups.  That’s really a word! Flub-ups!  My spell check didn’t even underline it… cool.  Anyway, it’s true!

I linked up that DIY Disaster and the hits on it went way up!  I probably linked it up 30+ times.  Now, let me remind you, being a baby and all, I was only getting about 15 hits a day.  You know all my family and friends, being my best cheerleaders!  You know who you are!

The hits blasted to over 600+ on one day!  Then on another day it hit 800+! Okay, I’m thinking what in the world is going on? Is this for real?  Then I started to get some emails, saying they were going to feature me.

What is a feature? I clicked and found out QUICK!  Then it all made sense! Whew! They picked my little ol’ project out of the hundreds and featured it on their blog!  That’s why my blog was growing! YaY!

This is still hard for me to realize, but people seem to like my stuff… really?


I’m feeling so very blessed!
My hubby keeps telling me, that I was meant to do this, that the Lord is blessing it!  I believe him, I’ve never felt so FULFILLED in what I’m doing right now.  Thank you, Lord!!

This past Thursday, I was sitting at the computer, going over some blog emails and one of them read….”Congrats too on being featured on Addicted2Decorating--
I recognized your file folders as soon as I saw them. Great work.”

I thought to myself, how sweet! Oh yeah, I think Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating did a feature on me a week back.  So, I clicked there and was surprised that I was featured AGAIN! I just sat back and started to cry….  A good cry.  
It was a humbling moment. 
I just thanked the Lord, for His goodness.

Check out my side bar…  Scroll down... You'll see "I've Been Featured".  It’ shows all of the blogs that have featured me….  Some of them have even featured me twice, like Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating and Allison @ House of Hepworths… 
iheart them! Check them all out!  Give them some love!

I sincerely am grateful for the support 
all of YOU are showing me!

Just a side note…. I hope you are enjoying the spring like weather, here in PA it’s been AMAZING…

Here's a few pics I took outside yesterday.
My baby Weeping Cherry Tree is blooming and you can see a bit out the outside of The Stonybrook House.
Now of course, that isn't the house.... It's the shed (outside junk storage)

I’ve got some changes coming up in my life,
 I’ll explain later, I am sooo EXCITED!!!

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  1. So glad you are having fun blogging! It really is great :)

  2. I actually found your blog through a search on Blogger, as I just got back into the blogging world myself. And u do have to say I find your posts inspiring! So glad ur getting the attention u deserve!

    1. I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for encouraging me and for stopping by to visit.

  3. Lori, Thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on being featured! You have great ideas. Blessing to you!

    1. Lisa, Thank you! I love this blogging thing! It's so encouraging. Blessings!


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