Caution: Danger Zone… Hard Hats Required!

What I’m talking about is my  B A S E M E N T…..  
My hubby made the comment the other day about the basement and
 how “my side” really needed some attention.  I think what spurned the comment was the messes I’ve been leaving.  I guess, it doesn’t help that for the last month or so I’ve continued to take over the kitchen island and dining table with fabric, glue guns, paint, stencils, etc.  I really don’t understand why I can’t leave EVERYTHING out ALL the time, can’t we just eat dinner in the living room?  Hmmm…. Well, with the kids coming home for Spring Break, 
that might not be such a good idea.

Remember my last post?  I admitted to being a piler, stuffer and a dumper.  Well, the basement is the dumping ground…  You know this blogging thing has REALLY opened my eyes about myself.  A bit of self-discovery has been going on.  I think it’s all good. So, here I go, I’m going to reveal a bit more of myself…. I’m actually going to show you pics of the “Caution: Danger Zone”.  Ok, don’t judge me!
I know all of you must have a “Danger Zone”, right???

 This isn't sooo bad... right?

Yes, that is Christmas crap on that table…  Believe me I know it’s March!  
 You are getting to know the REAL me...
That’s why I’m going to be attacking this "little" problem area….

  You won’t even recognize it when I’m done!!
(What in the world am I getting myself into??? I don’t have time for this!)

I picture my basement looking something like this….

Of course that is all in my DREAMS!!!

Thrifty Decor Chick has a basement craft area.
 (although I saw that she is re-doing her whole basement right now) 
This is a little more my speed right now. 
I would love to have at least THIS!! 
I am going to overcome my basement woes!
Well, there you have it!
 Starting tomorrow, I’m going to put on my hard hat and dig in… 
But don't be surprised if it takes awhile... 
I may have to take a few breaks and post something fun!!
Lori ~


  1. Well, I must say...a little worse than I imagined! hehe! I have a "dumping ground" myself that I will be tackling shortly. Just keep thinking how productive you will be when everything is organized. You'll be able to do twice the projects in half the time!

  2. Thanks for the comments on my blog! And lots of luck with your makeover! Think I'll follow along and see how everything goes! ;)
    Amy @

    1. Thanks,so much, Amy! This has been quite an adventure!


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