5 Easy Tips For Painting Interior Doors

Why did I wait so long to paint these doors?  It's an amazing transformation for very little money!  Talk about big impact!!

5 Easy Tips For Painting Interior Doors

About a year ago, I painted the hardware, but never got beyond the pantry doors and the door to the laundry/mudroom....

Interior doors before

How to paint door hardware will be for another day...  Today, I'm going to share with you

5 Easy Tips For Painting Interior Doors

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1.  Take the door off.  I know that some like to paint with them still attached, but that hinge is touching the door and most likely you're going to get paint on it.  I found it so much easier to paint when you take the door off and take off the hardware.

removing hardware off of doors

Another tip... If you have shoulder issues, it's less stress and kinder to your shoulder by painting them on saw horses.

Painting grooved parts of door

2.  Choose your order of painting. Paint each section in the same order for each door. That way you won't forget steps, like painting the edge.  This especially helps when painting the second coat.  I found it easier to paint the grooved areas first, like in the photo below.

Painting order for doors

3. Use artist brushes for the detailed grooves. Sure you can use just about any brush, but I have found that artist brushes have finer bristles and the coverage is more complete.  Plus you wont see any brush strokes.

Painting with artist brushes

4. Use a 4 inch foam roller to paint the rest of the door.  Again, sure you can use a brush, but it will just take you twice as long.  A 4 inch foam roller is just about the size of each panel edge.

4 inch foam paint roller

5. Always, paint in the direction of the grain. Take a look at the arrows.  Each door may be a bit different, but this is pretty standard for every door.

Painting directions on door

These 5 tips just make the process go quicker and smoother.  I still have more doors to paint, but now that I've got this down, it's going pretty fast.

It's taking me a bit longer because I'm painting the hardware, as well as, repainting all of the door trim.  It is so worth it!  It looks good!

Painted Interior Doors

Here's one door before...

Hall Door Before

And after...💕

Hall Doors Painted

Hope this was helpful to you!


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