Easy DIY Concrete Brick Pavers

Hi Friends!  These DIY Concrete Brick Pavers, have held up so well!  I made them almost 7 years ago!

Easy DIY Concrete Bricks

They are really easy to make and super budget friendly!  They ended up costing about $.26 per brick!  That's a steal!  You gotta check them out!  Click over to DIY Concrete Brick Pavers and see my detailed tutorial.

Today's Friday, so it's time to see what fresh ideas our Home & Decor Encore team has this week.

My blogging friends and I have searched our archives for something to share each week.  We have all been blogging for many years and have lots of great posts to chose from.  Many of you haven't been around to see some of these projects!  Each week we breath new life into our top posts and share them with you here.

A big thank you to Doreen, for getting this all organized each week!

Let's get started!






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