January 7, 2016

DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

We have a bunch of scrap wood and this was a great project and a great way to use some of it up. These rustic wood lanterns were also a lot of fun to make.
Scrap Wood Lanterns

It all started when I wanted something new for the mantel. I dragged Hubby all over town shopping for lanterns. We looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything we really loved. And we weren’t going to spend an arm and a leg for one either. Most of them were running around $30 each. Ugh! So, we came home empty handed.

I started googling and looking at Pinterest. I found some inspiration. Hubby and I put our heads together and this is what we came up with. And... It was all FREE!!
Side of Wood Lantern

We were so happy with the way they came out! We decided to make 4 more as gifts for Christmas. That’s where we honed our lantern making skills! Omg... I just love them with those adorable red bows!! :)
Christmas Lantern Gifts

Like I said earlier, all of the wood we used was scrap we had on hand. Some of it was old shelving, some was pallet wood and some of it was from the scrap bucket we have.
Scrap Pallet Wood

Hubby ripped old pallet wood into 3/4” lengths and we used some 1x6’s and some 2x8’s. Hubby cut the bases and tops into a square 5 1/2" X 5 1/2" and gave the edge a 45 degree angle with the table saw.
Making Bases and Tops

Then he cut the 2x8 into squares, I believe it was 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" and he also beveled that edge. Here are the pieces that make up the top. The little square block was from the scrap bucket.
Lantern Top Pieces

He was a miter/table saw maniac. He went out to the garage to get started and a little while later I came out to help and he had all of THIS done!! He cut out all the frame pieces, 4 – 10" lengths then 8 – 3 1/4" lengths for each lantern.  Do you see all of them stacked so neatly at the back of the photo? That equals to 16 - 10" frame pieces and 32 - 3 1/4" pieces, PLUS 4 bases and 4 complete tops! Whew! He busted those babies out!!
Materials for Lanterns

It was a cinch to assemble the frames! We glued, clamped, made sure it was pretty square then nailed it together with the nail gun.
Building Frame for Lanterns

The stack is done! It was like an assembly line!
Assembly Line of Lantern Frames

Next we made the lantern “cube” part. Working together, we banged those out quick! Glue, clamp and nail again!
Building Lantern Frame

We also nailed the top pieces together.  Some of the wood was a bit warped, so I caulked around the seams.
Assembling Lantern Tops

After everything was dry, I started nailing the frame to each base.
Attaching Base to Lantern Frame

While I started painting, Hubby drilled a hole in the top square for the hook.
Drilling Tops for Lantern HooksI didn’t want to sand, prime and paint. It was just a bit more than I was up for, but I heard you could make your own “chalky style paint” and that it’s supposed to stick like glue.

I thought I’d give it a try. I had some Plaster of Paris, which is one way you can make it. I just dumped some in a container and added some flat paint I had on hand. I didn't know what the ratio was supposed to be. The paint was very thick, kinda “foamy”. It was weird, but it worked great! The wood soaked it up.  Here’s a close up of the paint. I gave it two good coats.

Hubby had some of this thick wire on hand. He bent it into a half circle and fit it into the top piece where he had drilled the holes.

Side of Wood Lantern

I gave it a good sanding to smooth it out and distress it a bit. Then I sprayed them with a satin clear coat. Finished!

Omg! Again... that red bow!! :) Don’t they look adorable? We added an LED candle to them and attached a note describing how we are handcrafted by God.
Christmas Wood Lantern

We loved the way they came out! I think the recipients liked them too!

This is what 'our set' looked like on the mantel for Christmas.  They were our first samples and I didn't paint them the same. You could even leave them natural for a different look.
Our Own Wood Lanterns Aged

And this is now... :)
Scrap Wood Lanterns

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Lori -thestonybrookhouse
Lori -thestonybrookhouse

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