End Tables Get A Farmhouse Update

Here we go with another quick little makeover.

How to give your furniture a farmhouse update

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It's amazing the transformation these little guys have been through over the years.  These were bought when we were still in the dark age stage... 😉

Old dark brown end tables

It didn't take long til we we saw the light 🌟 and entered into the lighter and brighter stage. 😊  The first makeover was a gray wash technique.  Which we loved.  You can check out how we did that here,  Gray Wash Technique.

(This next photo is a terrible photo... we were in the middle of changing things around... It was the best one I could find 😜)

Let's just also take a look at the CORD situation... See if you can find the power strip??  We came up with a terrific solution to cord issues!!  Check out our Powered Sofa Shelf!

Gray wash end tables

The end tables were starting to show a bit of wear and I didn't want to leave them gray because our new awesome DIY Plywood Floors, are gray.

chalk paint end tables

Time for another makeover!  This time I painted them white, which took like 4 coats of paint!  Here's a look at one coat...

One coat of chalk paint

I used what I had on hand, Kilz Chalk paint.  Which I do not recommend.  It just didn't have the coverage I was expecting and it wasn't fun to paint with.  It dragged and dried too fast.  I just wasn't impressed with it.  Oh, well.  I just wanted to use it up.  My DIY Chalky Style Paint recipe is so much better!  I should have used that....

The real makeover is in the new table tops.  It's what give them more of the farmhouse look.  Seriously, I think you could add a wood top to practically anything and there you go... Farmhouse style!

Now, these end tables basically match the IKEA Bestå cabinets that got a makeover.  IKEA Bestå Cabinets Get A Makeover.

IKEA Besta Cabinet makeover

For these end tables, I used  2 - 1x8 pine boards and one 1x4, cut to length.  We had to rip the center board, so that the width of the table was perfect.  Then I Kreg-jigged them together.

The pine lattice I wrapped it in has two functions.  1. It takes the ¾" board to look like a 1½" board.  2. It covers the edge of the end table and fits so snug that we didn't even have to nail it on.

Kreg-jigged boards for table top

I sanded that baby down super smooth with my Dewalt Orbital Sander.  (which is the best sander I've ever used!!!  Gosh, I love that thing!)

Unfinished Table top

Nailed it all together, filled the holes, stained it with Minwax's Classic Gray and Provincial.  Super light coats of each and topped it off with Varathane's Matte Clear Finish.  Gorgeous!

new farmhouse table tops

I added new black knobs, that I picked up at our local mission thrift store.

Farmhouse end table

Oh, I also,  did a coat of Varathane's Matte Clear Finish on the whole piece.  Love that stuff!  So easy to use!

Farmhouse end table

The last thing I did was spray painted the "feet" black, using my favorite spray paint Ultra 2X Black Canyon Spray Paint. ❤️

Sweet little baskets from Hobby Lobby and I call this makeover done!

Here's how it looks now.  So much better! ❤️

Farmhouse End Tables


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