DIY Gray Wash Technique

There are so many different ways to paint and stain furniture. I've never did this look before, but Hubby and I are really liking it!
DIY Gray Wash Technique
It all started with the drawer...
Drawer Before
You can read about it HEREIt looks nothing like that anymore, as you can tell from the beginning.

Hubby put the pressure on to have it finished in one day! So, I got moving!

I sanded the whole thing down with 100 grit sand paper. Then I started with the white wash part of it. I mixed some primer with water til it was thin like milk. Then I just brushed it on and wiped it off.

I kept doing that until I was happy with the coverage.

White Washed End Table

The drawer is my gage to when I need to add the gray. When it was all said and done, then I put a couple of coats of poly-acrylic on it. 

What an incredible difference!!
DIY Gray Wash Technique
I love that I'm actually doing things in my house!!
Now, I need to get started on the other end table.


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