(My) Fashion Over 40 ~ Rekindle Your Spirit

What a fantastic weekend!
It's hard to explain, but it felt so good to do things
 that did not involve the apartments!
Plus the weather was beautiful and I was enjoying a bit of vitamin D.
This week's "fashion" was very simple.

Fashion Over 40

A simple knit dress, a scarf belt, white cardigan and flats.  I actually feel very comfortable in outfits like this. Solid knit dresses are so versatile too,  
because you can be more casual like I did or dress it up with some chunky jewelry and heels.  I'm not much of a heels girl, not like my daughter....
She loves those spiky heels.

It was good to hear our Senior Pastor preach, yesterday.
  He spoke out of 1 Thessalonians 5:18,19

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 
Do not quench the Spirit.

I really liked what he said about 
how to 'Rekindle Your Spirit'.

We can find ourselves in a place where we are not growing, or have become stagnate.  That's what happens when we get caught up in this life and the cares of this world.  We stifle the Spirit of God.

We all have been given gifts of the Spirit, some teaching, some prayer, some healing, some hospitality, some evangelism, etc. 
Sometimes we put the spiritual gifts God has given us on a shelf and we "forget" how to be used by God. 

Pastor Jeff had some good tips on how to rekindle the Spirit.

* Visit a friend or mentor that encourages you in the Lord.  Someone that picks you up.

* Go to a conference or a good seminar.  Even listening to a good teaching that will boost you.

* Re think your involvement in evangelism.  Pray for people, we need to let people know that Jesus cares and loves them.

* Feed daily on the Word of God and pray.  We need to know the Word.

* Get outside and enjoy God's creation.  See the wonder of God. Isn't it beautiful to see the wonder in kids when they see something for the first time?

It's amazing to see what can happen when you take the time
 to just try to rekindle your spirit.

Yesterday, Hubs and I spent the afternoon hiking at a nearby lake.  

Beautiful Day

It was so refreshing.  
God's creation is amazing and beautiful, you can't help but feel His presence.

Try to take a moment this week and rekindle your spirit in the Lord.
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