Starting a little Painting Project ~ Gray Wash Technique

Have you ever done a gray wash on furniture? I saw this on Pinterest and hubby and I  really liked it!!
Gray wash table
I thought I can do this! I've got to start a project! I just have so many to do! I've been a bit overwhelmed on where to start.

Kitchen? Living Room? Organizing? Painting? Ugh....

So, I got started on something small. I know that I want to paint ALL of the furniture in the living room. The end table sounded like a good place to start.

Even smaller... Let's try this technique with the drawer! Here we go.... :)
Drawer before gray wash
The drawer 'before', along with a sanding block and a free paint sample I had. It's some sort of gray color, I wasn't going to be picky.

I sanded enough to take the clear coat off. I wasn't going to sand it all the way down. Then, I started just adding some gray paint with kind of a dry brush.
Drawer with one coat of gray wash
Okay... not a bad start.

But I needed some white. I read that you could dilute white primer and brush that on, it's sort of a white wash... so that's what I did. Then I wiped some of it off with a rag.

Last, I added a bit more gray paint and came up with this.
DIY Gray Wash TechniqueNot bad...I think I like it! I snapped a pic and sent it to hubby and he really liked it! Then he told me he wanted the whole table finished by the next day! What?! Nothing like a little pressure! :)

But, my dear sweet husband knows me too well, sometimes, I need that little extra push. So, I'll share how the whole table comes out!

Oh! And I've been painting samples of paint all over the walls in the dining room and living room.  I think we have one color nailed down! :D

More on that later...

To see the finished project... Gray Wash Technique

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