Front Porch Make Over ~ Flaming Hot!

Our front porch seriously needed a makeover!!

This was from a couple of years ago, we've done some landscaping, but that's pretty much it.
Front of my house

To start this makeover, that front door needed some color!
This is how we decide on colors...
Color options for front door

Yep, orange was the destined color.  And we went with Behr Flame! 
So, while I was at Home Depot picking it up, I was chatting with the paint lady.  Talking about what I was doing, and she asked if I wanted the paint with prime.  I said, sure.  I told I was going to prime the door anyway. And she made a comment that I should have NOT listened to.
She said that I shouldn't need to prime it, it's pretty easy to paint over a dark color.

Now, in ALL my years of painting, I KNOW this is NOT true, but for some reason I had a mental brain lapse and said oh ok!

 I went home, promptly cleaned the door, sanded it a bit 
and got to painting.
After 3 coats, something just didn't seem right.
3 coats NO primer

Nope, this is definitely NOT WORKING!
Ugh, did I really want to prime? No, but seriously I had no choice. I didn't want to waste any more paint. I still want to paint the shed door too!

Priming was the only answer.
Front door primed

Ok, primed.  I left that bottom so I could see the difference. Plus the brass kickplate goes there.

Hmmm. 3 coats in... BAM!
3 coats AFTER being primed

Now, that's what I'm talking about!!
It would have taken me forever to get here!
Amazing!  I gave it one more coat!
Giving it the final coat

 Yes, now I'm smiling!!  It might not be the "right" way to paint the panels on the door, but that little brush left no marks and it got into those little grooves so easily!  The rest of it I painted with a foam roller.  
Perfectly smooth!
Orange Front Door

Here we are! Beautiful.  I actually like the brass with the orange. You have no idea all the joy joy feelings this door is giving me! :)

So, onto the front porch make over.
First, it needed a serious scrubbing, which I have not done in a long time. Well, how about... this is the first time I ever have.  :/  
Oh, well. I'm just being honest.
We will need to do some painting before the next winter, but it looks so much better!!

I added some pots with flowers and painted my welcome mat.  You can see how I overhauled that mat, From Trash To Wow!
Painted Welcome Mat

Ahhh....It's so cheery now! I am sooo loving this!
Maybe I'll add a wreath.
Front Door Makeover

Now the front porch is worthy to fly our flag proudly on holidays!
Front Porch Makeover

This looks so much better!
Front of house porch makeover

I love the flowers in bloom!
What a gorgeous spring day!
Spring Front Porch Makeover

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