The Apartment Renovations Are Complete!

There's always something to be done there, but as far as each individual apartment. All of them are finished! What a HUGE relief!

This one looks soooo good! Let me take you back...
Do you remember this?
Apartment Kitchen Before
or this?? 
Apartment Bathroom without floors

Oh my!!! Wow! We've come A. LONG. WAY. BABY!!

If you want to read about that disaster check it out HEREIt only took about 6 months. But look at her now!

Here's the living room area.

Renovated Apartment Livingroom

Which leads to the kitchen. What a difference!!

Renovated Apartment Kitchen

I used a paint sprayer for the cabinets, you can check that out HERE.

I really like how we designated this hallway area with the tile. Which leads to the to bedrooms and the bathroom.

Renovated Apartment Hallway

Hold on to your seats....

Renovated Apartment Bathroom

Whew! She is ready to rent! Thank you, Lord!

I just had to put a few 'before and afters' together, check them out!

Renovated Apartment Kitchen Before and After

Renovated Apartment Bathroom Before and After

Renovated Apartment Livingroom Before and After

The transformation is quite impressive! Now, we are praying for the right tenants!

Soooo..... Hubby and I actually had our first day off together! 

We stayed in our pj's all day and hung out, watched Lord of The Rings and pigged out! :)  It was great to relax with no agenda! I feel like it was the first day in 4 yrs we've been able to do that at home! :)

So, now I have this dilemna... It's a good kind! I'm free! I have so many things that I want to do! I don't know what to do first? Seriously! 

Well, first I'm going to clean my house. I mean some vigorous spring cleaning... baseboards and all!

But then what? I want to paint my kitchen and living room, paint the cabinets, paint my front door, organize my house, paint furniture, work in the garden, etc.... see! Where do I start?  

We are going to finish working in the garage, but I'm kinda held up there. Hubby needs to finish sanding the ceiling, then we can get to priming, painting, staining and organizing!

So, I'm not sure what direction I'll be going in, but it will definitely be FUN! I am sooooo EXCITED!


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