(My) Fashion Over 40 ~ Sacrifice, Denying Yourself

What a beautiful weekend!
We had quite a full and fabulous weekend!
I can't wait to share more of that with you, 
but first here's what I wore on Sunday.

Fashion Over 40

I debated whether to brave the 40 degree weather to take a pic... I went for it, but it sure was bright and sunny!

Fashion Over 40

I wanted to kind of blend in with the background because I had the privilege to play "photographer" at church on Sunday.  We were having a baptism service, and my brother officially adopted his wife's children!  What a blessing it was!

It was pretty awesome that 17 people were getting baptized! 
I was honored to capture those precious moments!

Anyway... back to blending in.... These jeans are one of my favorites, 
St. John's Bay from JC Penny's.  I've actually found them in 'long'.  
It's hard for me to find jeans long enough. 

The top was a gift from my daughter at Christmas. It's that wonderful kind of fabric that never wrinkles. I put a cami on underneath. (It helps smooth out the little extra around the middle :)

What I love most about this outfit is my shoes!!  I got them a couple of years ago at Ross.  Are they adorable or what?

So, it was Youth Day at church on Sunday.  They did the entire service! 
It was pretty cool, and they did a great job!
Erin one of the seniors in high school gave a wonderful mini sermon on sacrifice. 
She definitely inspired me.

She spoke about how we need to deny ourself. 
(That's definitely not popular in this culture) 
We can't go God's way and our own way at the same time.

That sacrificing is an active decision. 
We need to chose daily.

Then he said to the crowd, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you much turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9:23 (NLT)

You can't carry the cross without suffering, yet you will never go through something that God doesn't prepare you for or be there for you. God gives you peace through it all, and that's something only God can give you.

You are so right, Erin!

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