Installing New Faux Wood Blinds For A Large Window

Updated 5.21.20

I love these Faux Wood Blinds!  We've had them here in the dining room for 6 years and I just installed some in our office!  I have plans to put them in all of our windows eventually.

Installing New Faux Wood Blinds For A Large Window

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This was such a dramatic change for our dining area.... This is an old photo from 2014...

Kitchen Before

It's amazing the transformation that has taken place over the years.

With the arch window, there was no support or anything to attach blinds to.

Needed Support For Arch Double Window

I really didn't want a 70"x70" blind there... So we built a support for each window to have a blind. It was much easier than you think!

We needed the board to be 3" wide, so that it wouldn't stick out past the window trim.  We purchased a 2x4x12 and had them cut it in half.  We needed 70" for each board.  Hubby cut the 2x4 into a 2x3 so that it would fit inside the window trim.

Wood supplies for window support

Then we used our beloved KregJig to connect the boards together.

KregJig to connect boards

The cross board fits, so now we need to measure and cut the support board.  It will basically look like window trim when it's all said and done.

Measuring to fit in support board

Fits like a glove! A little wood filler, caulk along the seams, primed and painted you'll never know we added it.

Blind supports installed

Looking pretty good!

Blind support primed

Now for the blinds....  We chose faux wood blinds from Home Depot.  These blinds are similar on Amazon.

Faux Wood Blinds with cords

When we purchased these they had a child safety breakaway cord.

child safety breakaway cord

The new ones we purchased for the office, don't have any cords.  You can lift them or pull them down.  I love the no cord look!

No cord blinds in office

Its amazing how timeless these blinds look.  You can't go wrong with these faux wood blinds.

Office faux wood blinds

This is how the dining area looked right after the blinds were installed back in 2014.

New blinds are up - Let the sun shine in
Our dining area in 2020 looks like this!

Dining Area 2020

We've painted the room.  I've painted the dining table and chairs.  Next up, I plan on changing out the light fixture.

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