Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover... Farmhouse style!

I'm all about using what you have.  Why go out and buy new, when you can transform what you already own!  Plus it saves $$!

Our Farmhouse IKEA Bestå Makeover

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We bought these Bestå cabinets at IKEA, when we moved into our new home, waaaayyy back in 2009.  There used to be 4 units running the entire length of that wall space, in 2013 we shortened it to two units.

They were dark brown, which was what we were into back then....

But, styles change and our tastes change, which lead me doing a little makeover on these cabinets.  I painted them all white inside and out and added some fretwork to the fronts of them.  I did a whole blog post on the process, IKEA Bestå Hack.

2014 Besta makeover

Soooo much better than the dark brown!  We loved them! But like I said before, styles change and our tastes changed.  So, here we go with another Bestå makeover! 😊

It's hard to believe that they are the same cabinets, but they are!  These cabinets really are versatile.  We had 4 pieces all connected, 2 base cabinets with 2 smaller top cabinets.  We decided to take them all apart and do something new with them!  Here I drew lines to show how they were put together.

Besta cabinet units 4 pieces

The 2 base cabinets (#3 & #4) are the ones we used on both sides of the fireplace.  The 2 top pieces (#1 & #2) we are using in the dining room as a side buffet. I didn't stain the legs or anything.  We still aren't sure what we're going to do with it. But we kinda like it here. 👍

Besta top units

I wanted these cabinets to have more of a farmhouse look.  I started by taking the trim off of each drawer and replaced it with a single piece of underlayment.  It's the same wood I used to shiplap all my walls.

Why did I put underlayment on the drawer? Well, these cabinets aren't real wood, it's just a veneer and I new that the drawer fronts couldn't withstand a bunch of sanding to make them smooth and pretty.  Adding a thin piece of underlayment solved that problem easily.

Making over the drawer fronts

I sanded the drawer front, attached the underlayment with glue, and 5/8" nail brads.  Spackled the holes, primed, painted and done!  Then I added new black 6 1/4" handles.  Don't they look gorgeous?!  A totally new look.

New drawer fronts

It got a little tricky when we set up our receiver for the TV.  It's a bit of a beast and needs air circulation as well.  Also, it wouldn't fit if we pushed the cabinet all the way up against the wall.  So, we improvised and extended the side and top to allow for the extra room.  Plus this way we can hid ALL THE CORDS!!!

Build and extended the side

I cut a piece of underlayment to fit the new side and painted it to match.

With the new top and side you'd never really know that we extended it.

New extended side of cabinet

Speaking of the top.... I love the way it came out!!! ❤️❤️  It worked out so great! I Kreg-jigged 3 - 1x8s together to complete the cabinet top.

Kreg jigged 1x8s for cabinet top

When I flipped it over, the boards weren't completely even and cinched together, but do not fear!

before sanding

A little putty and some sanding with my amazing Dewalt orbital sander, (man, I love that sander!!) and that cabinet top is as smooth as butter!!

New wood tops for Besta cabinets

I stained the top, starting with Minwax Pre-Stain, then a light coat of Minwax's Classic Gray followed by a light coat of Provincial.  It's such a unique color.

Stains I used

I did the same stains on the legs, which we purchased at Lowes.

Stained legs

And lastly.... On a trip to IKEA, we picked up new glass doors, instead of the solid doors.  I didn't want to put handles on them, so we I purchased these magnetic push to open latches on Amazon. Perfection! ❤️

Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover... Farmhouse style!

Oh! and did you notice?  We put in a 'faux front' on the bottom shelf.  It covers the power strip with all the yucky plugs and cords! 🙌 Yay!

Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover... Farmhouse style!

Don't these cabinets look so incredibly different?

Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover... Farmhouse style!

Of course we did one to match the other side!

Bestå Cabinets Get Another Makeover... Farmhouse style!

Love, love, love they way they came out! What a difference!

Living room Besta cabinets

Our Farmhouse IKEA Bestå Makeover


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