Our 'Less Is More' Christmas

Our 'Less Is More' Christmas

This year Hubs and I had a different approach regarding Christmas decor...

After completely transforming our living room... Christmas decor was going to be interesting.  If you click on the link, Our Cozy Christmas Home Tour, it will take you to a snapshot from last year

Our Cozy Christmas Home Tour 2018

This year is looking quite a bit differently, wouldn't you say?

Our Less Is More Christmas living room

You're probably wondering if it's the same living room! It is, I promise! I love how the sunlight shines in during the morning hours.❤️

Our Less is More Christmas living room mantel

Since we LOVE our new living room, we didn't want to overwhelm it with a ton of Christmas decor. We added some simple greens on the mantel and mini pine trees, with twinkle lights that go on at night.

Our Less is More Christmas living room mantel at night

We kept working and working pushing to finish most of our projects before the holidays. We were so busy that I only took time to write one post... How To Distress A Faux Beam Mantel.

There is so much that we've done! We built the coffee table and ottomans. We also did a makeover on the base cabinets on either side of the fireplace, and updated the end tables. It's amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do. 😊

Here are the links to those projects.

How To Build A Simple Farmhouse Coffee Table

Affordable DIY Ottomans

BestΓ₯ Cabinets Get A Farmhouse Makeover

End Tables Get A Farmhouse Makeover

Our Less is More Christmas living room mantel

I love all the open space we have in front of the fireplace, since we eliminated the hearth. And... can we talk about these stockings???!! I love them so much!

Our Less is More Christmas Stockings

I made these a few years ago, Furry Christmas Stockings, and they go so well with the new feel of our living room.

This tree!!!❤️❤️❤️  Last year, we had a terrible time with our 9 ft. Christmas tree lights... UGH!  I have no patience for tree lights!  So this year... I decided it was time for a new tree.

Our Less is More Christmas tree

And it's a flocked one!  

We've never had a flocked Christmas tree, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I love this one, it's 7.5 ft. tall, on the slim side and it has warm LED lights!!  I was a little concerned at first, when it said it only had 450 lights.  But do not fear, it is lights up beautifully.  I purchased this at Samsclub.com for about $170.

Here it is at night! ❤️

Our Less is More Christmas tree at night

Hubby and I build that Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand/Box, last year and we LOVE it so much!  We did have to kind of retrofit it for the new Christmas tree, but it worked out just fine. 😊

Did you notice anything else about our new tree?  We didn't decorate it!  Hubby and I both felt that it was so pretty just the way it was. Which seem to fit our theme of 'less is more'.  I did add in some wood words, peace, joy and love.

Our Less is More Christmas tree - Joy

Also, in case you are wondering... there really hasn't been much fallout from the flocking.  What little does drop off vacuums up easily.  πŸ™Œ

Another first for me... I placed greenery on my chandelier.  It always looks so pretty in photos, so I decided to try it this year.  I think it looks really nice!

Our Less is More Christmas Dining room

Again, along with the 'less is more' theme.... I kept the tray and pitchers that I normally keep on the table and added a few jingle bells and a little cedar tree my son and daughter in law gave me.

We created a new side board in the dining room.  It's left over from the cabinets we had in the living room and it fits right under the windows.  I left my large wood box there with greens and 'joyful' blocks. Adding twinkle lights makes anything look magical.  I love that all the twinkle lights are on a timer.

Our Less is More Christmas Dining room

Even our coffee bar area was decorated a little less this year.  Last year,  I made this chalkboard and it said "Glory to the newborn King".  I changed it up this year and created this piece.

Our Less is More Christmas Coffee Bar

Chalkboard art is so much fun!  Any mistake you make, you can just erase it.  Perfect, right?

The last place I decorated this year, was our entry area.  We used to put another big Christmas tree, but in keeping with the 'Less is More' theme... a simple bench with a few decor items and simple garland on the stairs.

Our 'Less Is More' Christmas entry area

Hubby and I are truly loving the simplicity of this Christmas.  Our Lord was born in a simple stable... it wasn't all fancy and decorated.  Probably a little stinky and dirty...  like our hearts and minds can be.  But He came to clean that up in our lives, and to teach us to be more like Him, full of grace, mercy and love.

We probably won't always do Christmas this simple, but I love that we can if we want to.  We don't have to 'do it all up'!  Maybe the Lord wants us to look at this coming year differently.  Maybe a little 'Less is More' attitude.  Could be...

I pray you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

Keep Christ in Christmas!

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